2019 Colour Revelation

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2019 Colour Revelation – a new year brings a number of revelations – but one that has had an early confirmation is the announcement of 2019’s Colour of The Year.

Chosen by Colour forecasters ‘Pantone’, Living Coral or for more precisely Pantone 16-1546, is set to be the year’s hue, making a change from last year’s deep purple shade of ultra violet.

The shade crept in at Prada, Stella McArtney and Prabul Garung’s Spring/Summer 2019 Shows, which have perhaps set the standard.  And it has only been a few weeks since Gigi Hadid was caught in New York head to toe wearing coral.

Pantone believes that 2019’s pigment embraces us with warmth and nourishment to provide comfort and buoyancy in our continually shifting environment”  So, if you are warming to the idea of feeling the effects of this mood boosting colour, check out Gigi Hadid and Jennifer Lopez absolutely owning the Colour of The Year & looking stunning with it.



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Welcome to a year of style in 2019.  This is my first blog for the year, I look forward to bringing you more informative style and fashion ideas and tips.

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