3 Steps to a Perfectly Popping Shoe

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3 steps to a Perfectly Popping Shoe

If you don’t know this brand Shoes of Prey from Australia ladies, if not you simply must need to know more.  This is a design your own shoes on line brand !   Wow ! Every girls dream!

Every woman deserves perfect shoes, so they make flats, heels, wedges, sandals and much more that you can’t get anywhere else – because they’re designed by you, for you.

The process is easy and fun: you choose the shape, colour and size of your shoes; they custom make them to your specifications and ship anywhere in the world in around four weeks.

The result: if you’d ever wished your shoes had a lower or higher heel, came in another colour, or had more or less embellishment then this brand is perfect for you. You’ll never see the same pair on anyone else. And you’ll never walk home with your heels in your hands again… why? because they are made for you !

Your design. Your size. Your perfect shoes!

How to design shoes with Colour and Metallics.

3 Steps to a Perfectly Popping Shoe :

  • Like your favourite bold lipstick, a pop of colour in your shoes can just complete your outfit. Confidence boosting, and a great way to show your personality, try these tricks for ultimate colour success.
  1. SOFT ;  Colour doesn’t always need to be bright and bold — you can opt for a softer hue, that’s almost a neutral. Soft, subtle and pretty.
  2. PATTERN ;  Colour is made all the more interesting when mixed into a unique pattern. I love a floral, and if you’re daring, pull out one of the colours into a feature heel.
  3. FEATURE COLOUR ;  Got a favourite hue? Paint your shoe from top to toe in it. Hot pink sandal? You got it! A red kinda gal? Go for it!


How to design with metallics :

  • A Girl’s Glistening best friend.  Like a piece of blinging jewellery, a glistening shoe is the sparkly addition your outfit is begging for. Light catching, and eye catching, here’s how to get a hint of glint in your wardrobe.
  1. Sandal Up ;  A sandal loves metallic. Those straps just beg for a sparkly, shiny finish, draping your foot like jewellery. Guaranteed to set off your favorite little dress.
  2. Surface Area ;  Want ultimate shine? The more surface area, the better. Drape your favourite pump in silver; opt for a feature flat in gold.
  3. Twinkling Touch ;  Not a babe who loves bling? A little metallic goes a long way. Add feature heel in gold. Feature a touch of silver with piping. Layer it with lace.


Does this sound like you ?  Check them out and if you go ahead with designing your own shoe do let me know and send a picture.  Being a Personal Stylist having something unique is right up my alley!   My information was taken and tweaked from their website.

Have fun ladies.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx