Flat Out Tali – A Personal Journey

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Flat out Tali - A Personal Journey

FLAT OUT TALI – A Personal Journey to Fashion for Women with Smaller Busts

Written by Tali herself, the gorgeous, courageous lady in the middle of the photo.  I adored meeting Tali a few weeks ago, we met through the personal screening of the inspirational & motivational movie ‘Embrace’.  I was immediately drawn to her charisma and then I went on to learn about her brand, Flat Out Tali, which I believe is developed through her strength and courage of her own experiences.  What an extraordinary lady!

Written by Tali :

It is a privilege to be asked to write a guest blog post for Johanna, as her styling advice and knowledge of fashion has been invaluable!

A few weeks ago, I took part in an event that featured the inspirational documentary film Embrace, produced by Taryn Brumfitt, which explores body image issues. The event was beautifully organised by Johanna-May Manks and Judith Paterson.

For me, the movie struck a very personal chord. It served as a powerful reassurance and support for a decision I made 20 months ago. Following my encounter with breast cancer and double mastectomy, I decided to stay flat-chested, have no reconstruction, and not to wear my prostheses.

Making this decision was an easy one for me for several reasons: I had been a mom and breast-fed my girls, I didn’t want to go through additional and unnecessary medical treatment, I felt strong within my feminine identity, and I had the support of my husband and two daughters. However, I was faced with a new and unexpected challenge: to find clothing – especially tops – that would suit and flatter my new physique. After a frustrating trek through many shops at several malls, I ended up buying some men’s T-shirts, which, no surprise, were better suited to my new body shape.

So, FLAT OUT TALI was created – to offer a contemporary collection of smart-casual tops and accessories for women with a smaller bust. My designs are specifically made to compliment and suit a flatter body shape; they are designed with higher necklines and armholes, and feature intriguing luscious fabrics. Everything from design to production is “made in New Zealand,” and a percentage of the proceeds goes to breast cancer organisations.

FLAT OUT TALI’s overarching aim is to empower women to feel good about themselves and the qualities they possess – whatever their physique. I enjoy conveying this message and sharing my journey via our blog and Facebook page, as well as delivering talks to women’s groups and corporates.

As Coco Chanel once said: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

Hugs xxx

Ladies, do reach out & share this wonderful work and brand, especially if you know someone that would benefit from Flat Out Tali.  

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx


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