Do self-love and creativity feature in your Wardrobe?

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Do self-love and creativity feature in your Wardrobe?

Do self-love and creativity feature in your Wardrobe?  From Inspiring and Guest blogger Liz Fry.

Liz trained and qualified as a Nurse, worked for the Prison Service, taught English in Sri Lanka and run a pub! Throw in a difficult relationship and moving to the other side of the world, you will find Liz has a varied and interesting experience when it comes to life!

Having been on not just the physical journey to New Zealand, Liz had also been on a journey of her own returning to her essence.  Liz knows what it is like to be rock bottom, to be shattered by grief, to be depressed, to be overweight, to be given label after label, to live with a drug addict and more!  Now, however, she is living her life for her.

Having given up her rented accommodation last year, Liz is making the most of being a free spirit, moving round New Zealand as opportunities and events take her!  Liz is truly living by her values and her dream while helping people return to their true essence and find their happiness…

“Yes, but you’re not creative Liz,” my Art Teacher said to me in front of the class one day.  As the class smiled at her comment, I shrank back, almost feeling my creative juices drying up.

Isn’t it amazing how those flippant comments that a teacher, friend or family member makes can stick with you for like – EVER!  For me, this particular one was about my drawing abilities, but creativity is such a vital part of life it affects so many areas.   For another two decades that belief stuck with me – ‘I am not creative’.

It has only been in recent years that this creativity story of mine has come to my attention and just how much of my life was being limited by this belief.  Creativity is not just about art, being able to paint or draw, compose music or write songs. It is having the courage and ideas to try new and different things, whether that is adjusting a recipe, solving a problem or wearing a style or combination you may not normally wear.

I used to only wear black.  It wasn’t a conscious decision, I wasn’t in a gothic phase or had any other black-wearing beliefs.  I thought it just seemed to happen that way. However in hindsight I think for me it was to do with that creative streak being cut off – stay safe, don’t stand out, don’t try anything new.  Now the only black in my wardrobe are a few staples, the rest is an absolute array of light and colour.

What stories or beliefs hold you and your wardrobe back?  What have you been told or do you tell yourself that you can’t wear, shouldn’t wear?  How creative are you being with your current clothes? What combinations can you put together that you may not have worn before?  What can be altered or repurposed? What would you love to try on when you’re next shopping?

For me, the journey towards creativity started happening at a similar time to my journey towards self-love and reconnecting with who I am really am.

I spent years trying to fit in, being someone I so wasn’t. I remember a school friend of mine saying to me just a few months before she passed away “Lizzy, we always knew you were different.” If someone had said that to me when we were at school, rather than embracing it as I do now, I would have probably upped my game to hide my differences and worked harder to fit in.

Fifteen years on, however, I was still at it.  I remember being at an event, thinking ‘why didn’t I straighten my hair?  I would have fitted in so much easier!” Another five years on and my beautiful crazy hair and I go everywhere together!

Thanks to this perfect entwining of self-love and creativity a quiet confidence to follow my own path has developed in so many areas; for example my decision to live on the other side of the world, my decision not to have children, my decision to give up my rented accommodation and live life on the road, the colourful choices I make for my virtual wardrobe.  

Through this quiet confidence I started to try new styles, combinations and colours and I have been able to start wearing clothes that I would never have dared to before.

I got some short shorts recently.  It was hot, I was doing a lot of walking and wanted to get my legs out!  What a buzz! To be honest I think it was actually the realisation that it was not about the short shorts themselves, but thanks to the self-love, I couldn’t give two hoots about what people thought!

Whether at work, within the family or the local community it can take energy, money and time when we worry about what people think, or if we’re trying to fit in and be someone we are not.  By reconnecting with myself I found that in so many areas of life, things just started to flow easier, less effort, more simple. By loving myself and accepting myself, whatever I am doing or wearing, I feel good, more confident, more attractive, more at peace and more aligned.

You are unique, you are special, you are valued and you are loved.  May your choices and your wardrobe reflect the wonderful individual that you are.

A super blog from Liz and an enjoyable read…. Liz has supported and helped many a woman in life and business, I have met her on a number occasions & has always had a radiant smile, personality and interest in others.  What a gutsy way to live life and do exactly what she wants to do.  If you would like to know more about Liz you can find her on her website or facebook page : Healthy Connections.

Lots of fun Liz.

If you would like to be a guest blogger please email me :   If you are in a like minded industry and have a topic that you think I may like to share please be in contact.

Until soon,

Johanna-May xx 

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