#ANewLight – Join the Journey of Discovery

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#ANewLight - Join the  Journey Of Discovery

Excitingly I will be taking part in a new Campaign with New Zealand based shopping channel YESSHOP.  The Intention of this campaign is as the title suggests… #ANewLight – Join the Journey of Discovery.

The hunt is on right now ladies for 6 deserving women, we are looking for different ages and from different ethnic backgrounds – we want to show them a new perspective of themselves.

Check out this short video of our two behind the scenes ladies for the promo video.  This certainly portrays nothing showcases your beauty more than a smile!

Our goal is not to transform them, but showcase their existing beauty in ‘a new light’.  We want to show people that putting the ‘best you’ forward does not involve any big changes, it’s about seeing in you what others already do.

The campaign will involve YESSHOP & the crew following these people throughout the journey to discover or rediscover their (true) beauty.  My role will be dressing these ladies taking into consideration who they are and how they spend their time.  From a light pampering, creative photoshoot and a big reveal, we intend to reshape their self-esteem.  In result we hope to change the way they think about themselves, not change who they are.

How can you help?  Do you know someone who you think could benefit from having their self-esteem reshaped and shown that they are beautiful?  There is still another two week period where applications can come in so, start thinking and direct deserving ladies to the YESSHOP website where they can fill in the online application form.

More than anything the ladies will have an amazing time and the team are all super fun to be with and clever at what they do.

Maybe one of the Deserving Ladies could be you !

Wishing you lots of style inspiration until the next update.

Johanna-May xx



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