Blazers – A Wardrobe Must Have !

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A Blazer - It's a Must !


Blazers – A Wardrobe Must Have !

Ah, yes A Little Black Blazer is one of the staples every woman needs in her Wardrobe.  For those of you who know me I am always droning on about Colour, but, yes, I too have a little black blazer in fact a couple of them but different styles.

They are perfect over just about anything, and are great for dressing up and dressing down depending on what they are being worn with.  I love mine with jeans, over a dress or to complete a suit look with a skirt or trousers.  The variety of tops to wear underneath is unlimited, casually with a t-shirt, with a feminine blouse or shirt and even a little cardy looks cute underneath.  I also love blazers in different colours and find I always feel like my image goes up a notch when I am wearing one.

Here are some things to look out for when you are purchasing this investment piece, if you buy wisely they can last season after season :

  • Does it fit well?  You may need to get the length of the arms slightly altered, make sure it sits at the top of your thumb/bottom of your wrist.  Quite simply if the arms are too short the jacket will look too small.  The fit on a blazer is very important.
  • As you will notice by my images there many different styles of blazer, classic blazers are fitted through the body, boyfriend style is a relaxed fit (oversized through the body)   Know what length of blazer suits you… where should you want it to end?
  • Make sure the shoulders fit.  A blazer must fit well at the shoulder.  Sharp shoulder styles are fashionable but they may not work for your look.

Blazers are an all year round garment, in winter you wear them under your coat, in autumn and spring on their own with a light top underneath and summer in the evenings when you want an edge of style.

Whatever style of blazer you choose, and maybe it is one item where more than one is advisable, wearing the right blazer will instantly add style and sophistication.

Do you need some help choosing the right blazer ?  I’d love to help !

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx

Personal Stylist

Divine You;






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