Burnt-out, Bloated AND Bitchy !?

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Burnt-out, Bloated & Bitchy!

Sigh – who can relate to merely this headline?  It really is the side effects of us busy Entrepreneurs, Mumpreneurs, heart Centred Business Women, just busy ladies… we can forget about ourselves / not eat properly / work around the clock / forget to take time out.  As I’m sitting here writing this sentence I see it’s nearly 10pm, I’m glad to say though I’m off to the gym at 6am… which brings me to another point, my rest !

I just love Judith’s approach to this topic and I love how she fixes these types of problems, I advise you check out her website and see how she can help you.


Ever wondered why you feel burnt-out, bloated and bitchy?

Invariably, when I explain to a man I’m able to determine exactly why this is the case, and to help remove the symptoms, he snorts, “You need to speak to my wife!”


Empathetic?… NOT!

Seriously though, these symptoms can make life an absolute nightmare for many people and stops them enjoying life to the full.


My desire is to help self-employed businesswomen, in particular, remove the hidden obstacles to their success.


We work together to sort things out from the ground up, because you’ve got to be in a great space before you can achieve the results you are aiming for.

As I remind my clients, “You are the engine of your business and, if your engine is running on empty, you’re going nowhere fast!


People find, along with their business, relationships with others improve AND they feel so much happier.


I’m not your usual ‘business/lifestyle coach’, and you’ll certainly notice a huge difference in your ‘life’s journey’ when you approach things from this new perspective.


I really am the ‘Coach with a Different Approach’.


If you’d like to travel a different ‘journey’, I’d love to hear from you.


Judith Paterson


(09) 475 6256 or 021 883 689

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