Can our clothes boost our Mood?

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Can our clothes boost our Mood?Fashion with Feeling – Can our Clothes boost our Mood?

Meet Charlotte, writer of this awesome blog that I am about to share with you.  I met 15 year old school student Charlotte in Wellington a few weeks ago in her home town Wellington.  She loves all facets of wellness – food, clothing, writing, exercise – you name it!  She has a blog of her own Charlie and the Healthy Factory.  Besides the fact that she is a great writer I found this bubbly girl somewhat inspirational so I asked her to write a blog for me… one that she could spread her word for true passion in leading teenage wellness – because she is one and understands that the idea of looking after the wellbeing of teenagers is one of importance.

She doesn’t normally write about fashion but she embraced this opportunity to write what she wanted about Fashion – so here we go and go ahead and give us feedback and don’t forget to follow her!

Have you ever opened up your wardrobe only to be faced with an item of clothing that you immediately feel unhappy about?  You wore the top out a few weeks ago when a presentation you were doing went terribly wrong, and you haven’t put it on since.  Then, there is a skirt that you used to wear with it that you don’t feel fits right anymore, but you wouldn’t dream of throwing away.  It was your favourite only a few weeks ago!

Clothing is far more than material on our skin, we attach strong emotions to our garments that in the sense, have the ability to make or break our day.

We can use clothes that make us feel good as tools to boost our mood overall and make us feel more confident and positive.  After all, these feelings can’t be bought – they must be felt!

The Research

A recent study published in the Times of India found that clothes could starkly affect your mood and emotions.  A group of women describe emotions in colours as well – such as the terms being ‘green with envy’, ‘feeling blue’ and being ‘red with anger’.

Personal level

I was getting ready for a friend’s birthday lunch a few weeks ago.  I had been in my pyjamas all morning, felt quite unproductive as I had slept in and hadn’t completed what I had desired.  I went to my wardrobe and unsurprisingly, nothing looked good or felt right!  I managed to find something to wear in the end, but when the photos surfaced from the event, I wasn’t happy with how I looked or felt, and haven’t worn any of those particular garments since.

Often, we use clothes to portray how we feel.  The above story of mine is case in point.

I decided to experiment.  The next day, I knew I had to get a mass of work done.  This time, I woke up early, put my favourite yoga clothes on and went to a power vinyasa yoga class. After doing an hour of movement with breath in clothes that I felt great in, I was in the right mind set to do all the tasks I had set.  I went to bed that night the polar opposite I had felt the day before – happy confident and productive.

I’m sure you can think of a version of the above story that relates to you personally.

So, what does this mean?

We can choose to use clothes in a way that affects our frame of mind.  We can dress well in clothes we feel great in, which enhances our mood.  Part of this is knowing what colours you love, where you like your clothes to sit and what you find most flattering.

Now, we aren’t always going to feel great and sometimes whatever we wear won’t fix our mood.  But, I have found that if you can at least make an effort to dress the way you want to feel, it can make a great difference.

Some tips on having a wardrobe full of fashion with feeling :

If you have a favourite item of clothing that always boosts your confidence and makes you feel great, think about the properties of this garment.  Do you like the colour? Is it the way it sits on your body that you like?  Try and make this your fashion buying checklist – and try to buy clothes that tick these boxes.

What is it that you want to achieve today?  Show it through your clothing.  If you want to be productive, set you alarm to wake up slightly earlier than you usually do and take time to get dressed in clothes you feel good in and able to perform the tasks you need.  If you are going out and want to feel confident and outgoing, make sure your clothes are helping too.  Wear something that makes you feel great – not that you don’t like anymore or something that reminds you of a thing you’d rather forget.

From the words of an Image Consultant :  “When you Dress like a dag, you feel like a dag and you don’t perform as well.  What you wear affects your self-esteem”.


As a Personal Stylist I could not have worded this better myself!

If Charlotte has inspired you please follow her, get her to write for you and share this with as many people you can and why not all the teenagers you know?

Thanks Charlotte, I’ve enjoyed your writing!

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx

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