Check out some WOW winter colour combinations!

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Do you want to know about some WOW winter colour combinations?Why is it that the colder it gets outside, the less often colour appears in our wardrobe?

So, check out some WOW winter colour combinations?

Just because we can’t wear floral summer dresses it doesn’t mean we have to look bland all the time.  To give some love to the lack of colour in your look this winter, here are five colour combinations that I’m loving, they are seasonally appropriate and unique.  From a daring tangerine-and-yellow to a more neutral plum-and-olive-green ensemble, get ready to be inspired by these fashionable colours ahead.

My picks of great colour combinations for our winter :  
(You will see some images of these colours together)

  • Green and maroon
  • Navy, mustard and sky blue
  • Yellow, tangerine and black
  • Chocolate brown, burgundy and army green
  • Tea, plum and brown

AND while I have your attention ladies, here’s something else I would just like to talk about…

The Perfect Colour Combination for Girls Who Always Wear Black. 

Firstly don’t panic, this isn’t a lecture explaining why you should step outside of your comfort zone and start wearing more colour.  In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  I am actually here to applaud your darker dressing and present a colour that you might have forgotten about.  I’d love to introduce you to : navy blue.  

Almost as dark as the blackest of blacks, this colour is often dismissed as one that can never be paired with black at all, which is totally false.  The combination of navy blue and black is chic, elevated, and, despite the overall deep hue, a head turner. More than that…  It is quite simply a “Classic” colour.

To make a stronger case for this colour coupling tell me what you think of the examples I have put together in my blog!

If you’d like to find out which of these stunning colour combinations suit you and which colours can be incorporated within your wardrobe then check out what Judith has to say and book your own Colour Analysis to find out your best suited colours.  Wearing the right shade of colour next to your face can make one of the most impactful outcomes.

Happy colour combining ladies.  Until soon.


Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx


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