Dressing by the Zodiac, are you a Gemini?

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Dressing by the Stars, are you a Gemini?Dressing by the Zodiac, are you a Gemini?

Do you think we could possibly dress by our Star Sign?

When I think Gemini and Style my immediate thought is “Oh Gemini, what will you put on next?”  This comes from having a now 8 year old daughter that is a Gemini.  Typically described as the twin sign and known for their multiple personalities Gemini signs are one of the most complicated of the Zodiac…. BUT that isn’t a bad thing!

Always the life and soul of the party and constantly looking for new challenges in life, Geminis you are fun-loving, normally charming, optimistic with a quirkiness, you favour clothing that is adaptable and can be worn different ways.  Your style has a youthful charm about it and is never serious.

Your Style : You don’t have to be stuck in one style.  You are equally confident dressing down in jeans as you are in your tallest pair of heels.  You covet accessories, but you love to switch it up depending on your mood – basically there’s no pinning you down.

Your Style Match : Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock and Heidi Klum

Get the Look : Since you know how to work every style like a pro, don’t be afraid to mix it up from day to day.  Find an inspiration and go for it, whether you’re in the mood for something feminine or you want to add edge with a biker jacket and too-cool boots.  Make sure you have lots of cool bags and shoes in your collection, because for you, those are the key to outfit success.  In a nut shell accessories and a touch of whimsy help your personality shine.  Inventive Mercury is Gemini’s ruler and the position of Mercury in the chart is important.

Gemini’s are inquisitive (oh yes, the questions I get asked all the time from my daughter take me by surprise – the mere fact that she has thought about it takes me by surprise), they are mentally sharp and have a conceptual approach to life, they have an outwardly focused relationship with the world.  Yippee !  Objectively, travel and education are your allies Gemini, you need to get out in the world and mix it up a bit, so, a style that is up-beat and expressive, while letting you move and multi-task helps you be who you were meant to be.  That’s all fine by me Gemini – because I love traveling too !

So, if you are lucky enough to be a Gemini (double the personality, double the fun) I say make the most of it and let that Zany Quirky personality come through in your Style.  One last point to remember, you share your star sign with a host of famous celebs, making you possibly one of the best looking signs out there!

Sounds like just the type of client I would love to work with to help express their individual Style!

Yours in Style,