When Fashion Meets Maternity Breastfeeding and Beyond

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When Fashion Meets Maternity Breastfeeding and Beyond

Guest blogger & Maternity Designer Karyn Cossey  has been designing her brand Kalm for 3/5years, totally inspired by her daughter and appreciating there was a gap in the market she has a lovely online shop with lots of gorgeous Mumma / Mumma to be / baby items that she runs from Whangarei.

It’s always lovely to support NZ made but also inspirational women that take the plunge and set themselves up doing something they truly believe in.  Like many when I see a pregnant Mum or a Mum feeding it warms my heart.  I always say to ladies embrace your new body and wear warm happy colours and show off your bump.  Try not to wear oversized, out of shape garments because you’re not here for long, you have the right to feel gorgeous.

Karyn writes…

And it’s a match made in heaven!

When Fashion Meets Maternity Breastfeeding and Beyond When Fashion Meets Maternity Breastfeeding and Beyond



Gone are the days where being pregnant meant wearing loose fitting, unflattering garments (sorry mum). Where the larger you got, the less you went out to functions – and dinner dates were a thing of the past as there wasn’t necessarily anything to wear “off the peg” for such an occasion. Then baby came, so you timed your excursions to fit in between baby’s feeds so that they could happen in the comfort of your own home.


Thing is, back in my mum’s day it was ok to be at home for feeds as there was a strong sense of ‘community’. People were dropping by – family, friends and other mummas – and there was support and help right there at your door. Now that the ‘community’ has become more virtual, we are becoming a lot more isolated and need to make the effort to get out of the house – and having an outfit that helps you to achieve just that is, well, fabulous – and why I started doing what I’m doing!


You know that feeling!?


When you put on a top or a dress and look in the mirror, smile and think – YEAH, I look good! It might sound shallow but it’s not – looking good can help you to feel good, especially when you have just given birth and most of your wardrobe consists of sweat pants, a dirty tee and one trusted breastfeeding bra (trust me – I’ve been there!) And slipping into something nice that not only feels great on, but you can discreetly breastfeed from is a match made in heaven.


It’s why I started Kalm Designs. I wanted to help fellow Mummas to get out of the house and go to that family function, that friend’s wedding and have an outfit that they not only look and feel fabulous in, but could easily and comfortably breastfeed in too. Designs and fabric have come a long way since the day my mum was pregnant. There is now an abundance of colour, pattern, modern stretch fabrics that actually allow your body to breathe and clever designs that cater to all shapes, sizes and tastes.


So whether you’re at work or at home, at the gym or a yoga session, having coffee with the girls or dressing up to the nines for a function, you can now find a perfect outfit to step out and feel radiant in – no matter if you have a gorgeous 30 week bump or an equally as gorgeous 6 week bubba, there is no stopping you rocking the world.


And what’s even more amazing is that so many outfits now are so discrete, you can wear them again and again beyond your days of breastfeeding and none will be the wiser!


So go to it ladies – get out there and mingle with your bump and your bub with confidence and sass!


Because you can.

Because you’re beautiful!

Because you are Amazing!   ooxx Karyn

It’s lovely to see some really nice, stylish maternity and breast feeding outfits, plus Karyn has children’s clothes & baby clothes, all bases are covered.  It’s even more lovely to support our NZ market and celebrate a job well done!  For online purchases you can have a peruse here, I’m sure Karyn would love to answer any questions.

Enjoy your read and do share the message.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx


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