Fashion Week Australia – from the catwalk to the streets

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Fashion Week Australia – from the catwalk to the streets.

If you would like some fresh outfit inspiration some of the trends seen recently at Australian Fashion Week may just be some ‘looks’ you can add to your wardrobes.

These looks may show through our winter but definitely through into Spring as well and hey that’s just 4 months away.

Fashion Week Australia - from the catwalk to the streets


One trend that has been around for a while is Checks – not just for one-piece at a time but try top and bottom or of course a dress.  This reminds me of my younger years when I wore checks as my corporate look.  Loved it then, love it now just wish I still had my checks from back then.  Pictured here is a lady from Paris Street Fashion.  Trés Chic.


Fashion Week Australia - from the catwalk to the streets

Pastel hues are everywhere in 2018, and Fashion Week Australia doesn’t seem to be any exception. Paired with unexpected shades, pastels are feeling a lot fresher this year.  Pictured here is from the best looks seen at Paris Fashion Week 2018.


Fashion Week Australia - from the catwalk to the streets

Chocolate brown, have you ever thought of wearing this colour as your neutral or try wearing it with other neutrals for a unique vibe?   I adore chocolate brown.  Wear it richly with textured chocolate brown plus gold – how divine!


Fashion Week Australia - from the catwalk to the streets


Extra long sleeves, bell-sleeves, shirt sleeves and all sleeves.  Long long long sleeves, these are the next big sleeve trend.  Playing with proportions, the extra-long sleeve makes for a sleek, modern silhouette.  Limited Edition Daisy Duke by Clairebloom, in stock now in Johanna-May Personal Stylist Studio 



Suiting, along the lines of the checks in suiting I love this look.  It looks like you mean business.  It’s stronger than ever and seems to be a strong contender to the traditionally-feminine frocks this season.  This picture is from the Streets of Milan.


I have really enjoyed putting this blog together because being a ‘Creative’ I love the mix of all of these outfits.  The checks together, the checks with contrasting colours, the pastels paired together and the richness of warm brown in winter time.

Of course, that’s my taste, some people would struggle with the mix and so here I am to help.  You may even have some of these mixes in your own wardrobe so now would be a fab time to have a Wardrobe Audit and find a whole lot of new looks plus check out what you have for winter is going to work for you.

Here’s what Susan said from her wardrobe audit last week :  I had the most fun with the incredibly talented, Johanna-May, with her style tips and creativity with my somewhat ‘tired’ wardrobe. No more with the ‘I have nothing to wear’ syndrome – she pulled my favourite girlie strappy heels (that I haven’t even worn as I got home with them and was puzzled what the heck they would go with) and showed me so many outfits to wear them with. Culled through 2 closets full of clothes and now equipped w pics to remind me of all the different combos, I now look forward to stepping out in style! I highly recommend Johanna’s personal styling service to all of you lovely  ladies!

Enjoy seeing how this outfit inspiration will work for you.  Keep in touch.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx





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