Giving it the Slip

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Giving it the Slip.  Quite simply a silky fluid dress is age-defying and powerful, however you decide to wear it.

Slip dresses are everywhere this season and I know we are half way through the summer season but there’s a lot of summer left to enjoy and there are ways for you to extend the life of your slip dress so it can take you through to cooler days.

I think the slip has almost taken over from the jumpsuit this season.

Let’s not put an age on who can wear a slip dress.  It’s about how you feel in one.  If your arms are toned and your décolletage is holding up, or you’re just feeling what the hell – go ahead!

How to wear ;

Spotty Lottie

  • I love this Claire bloom slip dress, worn with or without the belt.  Without belt tags on the side of the dress the belt can be placed wherever desired or worn as a slip without the belt.  Please message me if you are interested in different sizes. 
  • If you’re not ready to flash your arms wear a t-shirt underneath for a combo that can be as relaxed as weekend jeans or as glam as cocktails depending on the tee.
  • Slide a luxurious sweater over the top – one with a wide neckline that glides off one shoulder and reveals a decorative strap.
  • Wear with trainers or flat mules, low maintenance-looking hair and makeup.
  • Toss on a blazer – less bulky than trying to pair a more structured dress with a jacket.
  • Look for a weighty fabric that drapes well and doesn’t feel like a nightie, and get some great shapewear if necessary (VPL is not a great accessory to this look)
  • Sometimes they can have a cling factor i.e silk plus for a less crease version perhaps a mix fabric may be the answer.
  • Finally think of the slip dress as a separate to be layered rather than an end piece.

If you have any questions do message.  My next open day is Tuesday the 11th February, for details please check out the address here.

Happy Summer 2020!

Johanna-May xx

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