What we will cover: 

First 4 weeks: 

Week 1: 

  • This session is all about your Personalised Style file on line, using measurements of your unique body shape.  You will discover the styles of clothes and accessories that work for your age and unique shape. You’ll not only look and feel better, but you’ll also be able to shop faster and with more accuracy than ever before.  You will also discover your Fashion and Style Personality.

Weeks 2 or 3:

  • Your first one on one session will be with me I will zoom into your wardrobe and do a 1.5hr wardrobe audit. This is where I will help you create brand new outfits using your very own clothes. The purpose of this session is to utilise your own wardrobe and create as many fantastic outfits that you never knew you had.  I will guide you with why things work or why they don’t work for you. Within two days of this service, I will send you a list of items I feel you can do with to create a workable, dynamic wardrobe.

Week 4: 

  • Nutrition Group session, what you put inside reflects on the results on the outside. My Nutritionist will cover how the body needs each macronutrient and the proper amount.  She will also cover some basics as to how our hormones respond to the diet and lifestyle. The more people understand these two factors, the better they can understand why they may be struggling with their own weight management, energy and overall wellness.


Second 4 weeks: 

Week 1: 

  • Skincare and makeup group session, makeup for real life and makeup for on-screen. Let me help strip away the mystery of makeup and help to find the small number of products and the simple application techniques that are right for you as an individual. 

Week 2 or 3: 

  • Your second one on one session is with me.  I will do your unique Colour Analysis.  I will work out your most suited colours that will compliment your hair colour, skin and eye colour.  You will receive an online downloadable colour swatch for your ongoing use.  Wearing the correct colours, can make you feel more energised, look less drawn and dramatically enhance your overall appearance.

Week 4:

  • A group session of showing examples of mixing and matching outfits, learn how to get more out of your items and find new ways you can wear your items in your wardrobe.  We will also work with accessories and learn new ideas of how to wear your accessories and what accessories to look for.  Pattern mixing is a skill by itself, learn the skill of how to pattern mix and what to look for.  


Third 4 weeks: 

Week 1: 

  • A group session with me demonstrating a capsule wardrobe, a capsule wardrobe is a good base to start your wardrobe from, it is sometimes all people want or it can be built on to create an extended wardrobe suited to your personality and lifestyle.   99.9% of us do not have perfect body shapes.  In this session we will learn how to dress with Illusion.  Let's learn how to hide areas and highlight areas.

Week 2

  • A group session preparing ourselves for our online meetings.  We get zoom ready and talk about what we need to know to have the on screen presence we would like to have for our meetings.  This is followed by Q&A around any topic.

Week 3 & 4

  • This is a one on one session where we discuss your personalised dream board of garments/outfits created by me.  Any remaining time for this 1.5hr session can be used for Q&A or extra time in your wardrobe.

PLUS Week 4

  • That's a wrap.  Let's graduate from our 3 month online Image and Style Mentorship programme and cover off bonus material you will receive.


A Private Facebook Group will be set up for participants of the Programme for the duration of the programme where I will be offering assistance and advice.

Bonus materials of E-programmes will be given upon completion of the Style & Image Immersion Programme.



Group sessions will be weekdays (NZST) with recordings of each group session plus an opportunity to ask any questions in any of our one-on-one sessions if required.

Sign up before 19 July and receive and additional 30 minute session of your choice.

Cost is an initial deposit of $200, then 3x monthly installments of $597.