Let’s Shop Melbourne!

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Let’s Shop Melbourne!

Let's Shop Melbourne!


How do you fancy shopping with me in Melbourne ??   

Why am I doing a Shopping trip to Melbourne?  To offer my clients something unique / choice and yep fun!

Places are limited and we have chosen dates 4th May – 7th May (3 fun filled nights in the heart of Melbourne)

This trip has been put together by a Travel Designer, Cindy Bakewell under the Venus Networking Group, a Womens Networking Group that I belong to, I feel privileged to be asked to do the shopping trips for both my clients and fellow members of various Venus Groups.

 There are details on the flyer BUT besides all of that information I wanted to highlight a few things that are super fabulous!


  • You + 1 other  will have 3 hours of shopping with me in Melbourne, this could be a good reason to come with a friend.
  • It is designed for me to Audit your Wardrobe before we go.  Doing your wardrobe means I know what we will need to shop for in Melbourne.
  • I will still have my NZ Designer brand, Claire bloom to Show you before we go (due to arrive in a week).  So, this will tick the boxes of Timeless, feminine dresses which we may not need to cover in Melbourne. 
  • I have organised an exclusive designer event with Italian & Australian designs along with a fantastic Stylist discount.
  • You receive an extra 10% off with Duty when you spend A$300 + in any one shop.
  • You will be seeing unique designs, styles and brands that we don’t see in NZ.
  • You will do a tour around an Australian denim factory and be able to purchase.
  • What a wonderful Mothers Day Present!


Of course there are a lot of other wonderful bonuses of having 3 glorious days shopping in Melbourne, you can take in a Show and dine in the wonderful cafes and restaurants around.  

I wanted to point out as well that this is no way is taking my clients away from my glorious brand Claire bloom.  Claire bloom does limited numbers so I offer my clients something unique and Timeless.  I simply want to offer my clients a little something else and more choices than what we have on offer in New Zealand.  Clothing items from Italy are hard to find in New Zealand and normally not at affordable prices, we have minimal variety in shoes and boots and other big ticket items like winter coats and jackets, hence my reason in choosing Melbourne.

Numbers are limited so if you are interested please make contact as soon as possible, if you have any questions then also go ahead and ask.  One thing to keep in mind is these prices are secure until March 18th, there may be small adjustments of airfares and hotels thereafter.

A couple of links you may be interested in : 1. the process of a wardrobe audit  2. what clients have said about my work.

Think of all of that fun and all of that shopping!

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx

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