Would you like to say hello to longer legs?

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Would you like to say hello to longer legs?

Would you like to say hello to longer legs without wearing heels?  Well, I may have the answer, this gorgeous pink Media Box arrived on my doorstep… with Invisible Heels – WOW !

Stand out from the crowd with long lean legs with the help of Invisible Heels.  Saving all your pennies to stay looking tall and fabulous with Isabel Marant’s ubiquitous hidden-wedge sneaker was, until recently, the only way for a woman to add height to her frame without wearing heels.  But a new product called Invisible Heels is set to give women the same ‘invisible lift’ at an affordable price!

French-born, New York-based founder Pierre Jeand’heur admitted that it was his wife’s addiction to the Isabel Marant wedge sneaker that pushed him to create his own Invisible Heels wedge.  “She loved these sneakers and had them in all colours,” he said.  “But she wanted to get the same lift and elevation in her other shoes”.  Inspired by his wife, Jeand’heur then started working on prototypes and came up with the first version of the Invisible Heels.

The Invisible Heels are made of memory foam cushioning and covered by a layer of soft, breathable fabric – making you feel like you’re walking on clouds.  It is built with a sturdy contoured base, providing solid lift and support to keep you comfortable all day.  “We wanted to create a bouncy effect without it being too “soft” while keeping it secure.  Achieving this balance was key”, said Mr Jeand’heur.

Put your best foot forward with accentuated legs and an overall slimmer, sexier, more confident look when strutting to your next meeting or lunch date.  Simply slide Invisible Heels inside your shoes for an instant lift – your legs are lengthened, they look slimmer and your backside is higher.  What more could a woman want?

Constantly when shopping with women I get told they don’t want sneakers, they feel short in them and they are too flat.  After trialling the Invisible Heels over a period of time I now feel short without them, now I am no way short and I have long legs but the extra 2cm or 3.8cm (2 sizes) just gives me an extra ‘presence’.  I’ve decided I don’t like being shorter, beside men I don’t mind but women I seem to prefer being equal height or taller so, these are perfect.  I really thought they may take some getting used to but ‘nope’ they remain in my shoes and I move them around different pairs.  Going forward I think it would be wise to have more than one pair!

They come in two heights – The 2cm (3/4″) Invisible Heels – The Newbie is specifically designed to fit most shoes, including low-top sneakers and summer shoes.  The 3.8cm (1.5″) Invisible Heels – The Classic is specifically designed to fit most above-the-ankle shoes, including leather boots and high top sneakers.  Both pairs are just priced at $34.95.

To purchase Invisible Heels are only available online from www.invisibleheels.co.nz

I say boost yourself into summer and winter and show off your daddy-long-legs!  You may just start experiencing feelings such as happiness and delight – this is perfectly normal as you start using your Invisible Heels… and, if you have been wondering why I look as though I have grown a little taller – now you know!

Do send me an email if you have any questions about Invisible Heels or Personal Styling.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx


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