NZFW my favs!

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There’s no doubt about it each year NZFW just gets more interesting.  It’s a week of fun, colour, glam, wackiness & people watching.  The latter is the most fun part.  I often wonder where all these people hide out and do they always dress like that?  Maybe they think the same about me.

I went to a lot of Shows but certainly not all of them, like most it gets quite tiring getting dressed up, going from venue to venue sometimes and so I guess at times you just have to pick which shows you want to attend.  So, here it is ; NZFW my favs!

My first Runway highlight – the must see looks from Hailwood.

Adrian Hailwood utilised his signature glamorous design aesthetic, with a touch of rock ‘n’ roll.  Beautiful luxe fabrics came shimmering down the runway joined by menswear inspired suits and boiler suits.

NZFW my favs!NZFW my favs!NZFW my favs!


My second Runway highlight –  Mallo Couture. 

Mallo’s joint show celebrated it’s first New Zealand Fashion Week debut. Showcasing occasion wear respectively, the label showcased delicate collections that were underpinned by serious craftsmanship. Inspired by the designers’ own culture, a hint of traditional Filipino traditional dress was splashed into the collection in the form of sculptural, flat-facing sleeves. Not only did it add an exotic touch to the look, it was also an excellent showcase of the skillful craftsmanship that Mallo displayed across the collection. From full A-line dresses, to statement bell sleeves and structured dress-pants, the high quality craftsmanship gave each piece beautiful body, presence and sculpturalirty.

NZFW my favs!NZFW my favs!NZFW my favs!


My third Runway highlight – Ruby and Rain.  This is a brand that I think will be truly welcomed by many.  Colour, fun & playful.  Versatile and stylish clothing for our curvy babes that will easily take you from day to night. Based in Blenheim.  The models had so much fun displaying the delightful brand, at the end of the Show the ladies walked the catwalk with signs saying :  “Yes to high slits” “Yes to singlets”  They really had a big message to get out.   A big YES to this brand.

There were of course a lot of stand out brands, these were 3 that I very much enjoyed out of the Shows I attended.  This year I also loved the outstanding colour that was dominant, strong, bold colours and colour mixing.  You know the colour has me all over it – right!?

I am here if you need style advice and outfit choices… just drop me a line.

Yours in style,

Johanna-May xx

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