** Numbers are limited, next course is starting in the week of May 24th. **


Because of geography I can’t always work in-person with clients.  It doesn’t however mean we can't work together, one-on-one. 

You will love learning about all things image and style through this 8 week online programme.   So we can work together wherever you are in the world all we need is a phone/camera lens, a computer and a smile. 

We will meet weekly, either one on one with me, in a group or with another coach, who will be an expert in her field relating to Image or Style. 

The Package is designed for you, so that you are supported over an 8 week period while we make some well deserved changes so that you have that amazing, dynamic wardrobe that gives you confidence in your day. 

I very much believe every woman deserves the pleasure and outcomes of being well dressed! 


What you will achieve

The outcome of this Image and Style Immersion programme is for you to feel confident in your wardrobe and in your own skin.  You will have learnt how to highlight the areas you want to highlight, play down the areas you would rather play down by knowing what styles suit you. 

Knowing your best suited colours will allow shopping to become easier and you will feel happier and more confident plus radiate in your colour. 

Mixing and matching is a skill, learn how to mix patterns and mix colours and what to look for.  Accessories are another skill in themselves, learn how bold you can go with your accessory wearing and what goes with what outfit. 

Nutrition is an every day necessity, making sure what you eat is both good for your skin, your health and your body. 

Your face is the first thing people see when they meet you, having good skin and knowing how to look after it is important, so too is the makeup you wear.  Learn how to wear flattering makeup for you and your lifestyle.