My reinvention – Johanna-May Personal Stylist

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My reinvention - Johanna-May Personal Stylist

Well hello ladies, welcome to my first blog from “My reinvention – Johanna-May Personal Stylist”, this is the name of my new brand.  It’s the same business but I have re-branded it to “ME” because my business is “ME” & I am my business.  When you ring, you speak to me, when you email, you email me and I reply… when you read my blogs or posts you are reading them from me.  So… it just seemed to be an obvious change.

I still represent and endorse the same principles and products but there are changes with the obvious like my website, my name for all social media platforms and the not so obvious my packages and offerings, for example my VIP programmes.  Let me explain some more :

  • My brand is called “Johanna-May” and I am still a Personal Stylist based in Auckland.  My new slogan is LOOK BETTER FEEL BETTER PERFORM BETTER
  • I have named my Styling packages by salubrious wines that I love drinking and, why not, it’s a little bit of fun.
  • My VIP Package is for those clients that have done at least 2 services with me and they rebook twice yearly to either go shopping &/or have a wardrobe overhaul.  As a recognition of loyalty I offer 10% off all of my products (non-sale) throughout that year.  Products are listed below.
  • My Activewear is now under one umbrella called “Activewear by Johanna-May”
  • I am still the Importer and Retailer of  the same 3 brands of Activewear from Brazil and I am currently looking at a range of Girls Activewear to add to my repertoire.  For your first on line order there is a discount code for you to use by going to  “Activewear by Johanna-May”
  • I endorse, use and love the following Skincare and Makeup brands : Pellelucent Anti ageing skincare, Phyris skincare and John VanG makeup.  All brands are imported from Europe and Australia.
  • I also stock Claire bloom designer wear.  Claire bloom designs are fresh and feminine with a timeless appeal that will see these garments worn for seasons and years to come. Here you will find quietly detailed, well cut clothing that is both unique and exclusive.

I am continuously looking at new ideas and brands to give my clients a more fabulous experience.  I love how my clients see my Brand as a one stop shop where they come to me for not only Personal Styling but I am their Go-To-Girl for all things fabulous & feminine like makeup, skincare, Activewear and newly Claire bloom designer wear.

I’d love your feedback and love to hear what your suggestions are if any around areas of products that I could include in my Ranges or in my Services because I do enjoy working with my team of clients.

Please take a look at my new website, download your 7 Day Style Planner, use your discount voucher for your first online purchase and connect with me on Social Media.  Links are all on my website.

Until my next blog – enjoy perusing and learning.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx





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