Shopping online when you don’t know the sizes.

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Shopping online when you don't know the sizes

Shopping online when you don’t know the sizes, can be daunting to say the least.

Shopping while in the comforts of your own home and possibly in your pyjamas certainly can be appealing but what if you don’t know what size you are?  Let’s face it sizing especially in New Zealand is well actually “quite erratic” at the moment.

I myself have an online shop for my Activewear that I import from Brazil, luckily I don’t have a lot of size issues, because the fabrics have great stretch they cover a sizeable range of sizes… I liken my gear to my Spanx Sportswear.  I also offer the chance to make an appointment to view my products so that you know how to order them online and I also have a good return policy.

If you know the brand you are looking at you possibly already know what  size you wear, however here’s a guideline of what to look out for when shopping online because there is nothing worse than anxiously waiting for that special package to arrive and it just doesn’t fit!  Sad face!

  • Sometimes there’s shopper reviews… checkout what others say about the fit.  This gives you the chance to size up if someone comments on how much smaller the fit is or likewise if the garment fits larger than normal.
  • So many e-tailers offer free returns now, check this out and also the time frame for the return.
  • This is a little cheeky but you could order two sizes if you were unsure and return the unused and still brand new garment back to the e-tailer.
  • Chat to Customer Service, or send an enquiry through the contacts area, a little bit of personal assistance is always the best.

I hope this little bit of advice can make you a smarter online shopper.  And… ask away on my shop… only too happy to answer queries.


Yours in Style, tips and advice,

Johanna-May xx