Surrounding yourself in colour. A super package for you!

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Surrounding yourself in colour.  A super package for you!

As you all probably know by now I have a huge passion for colour.  “If it isn’t colourful it isn’t worth having” I have heard myself saying on numerous occasions.

Living with colour makes you feel happy, joyful and it is uplifting.  Wearing the right colours is flattering, so why not surround yourself with the colours that suit you?

Recently I caught up with friend Erina Emery, Interior Designer, AND Resene Colour Home Finalist. Wow!  She is a fan of colour too!

When I walked into her outstanding house of interest & colour I immediately felt in my happy place.  We could have talked for hours about the gorgeous way she embraces colour into peoples homes and isn’t shy of mixing it up with design, colour and personality.  She said to me when she starts to work with a client and she needs to nail their ’style’ or what colours they may like she finds herself perusing their wardrobe.  With permission of course.

Erina was a Fashion designer, this is how I met her,  she recently went on a creative tug of war, having renovated 3 homes which filled her with passion for the industry, interiors eventually stole her heart and won the design battle.

“I have always been obsessed with design and particularly the use of COLOUR (my happy place).  Colour changes a space dramatically and sets a great stage for designing a gorgeous space, filled with personality.  Layer in some amazing textures, shapes and some PLANTS (your new best friend) and you have a unique and insanely cool place to live in.  Your home should tell the STORY of your life and reflect the people that live there.  It should be full of colour, plants, curiosities and little corners that make you smile and bring back happy memories”.

Erina takes you on a journey, she transforms your vision with a fun and stress-free approach translating and creating a space you love living in and fills you with pleasure.

To experience Erina’s transformations she has offered my clients an incredible package. Erina makes it easy for her clients, by offering custom packages.  You get a fixed price before you start, so there is no fear of going over budget.  This price is almost always saved, by her industry knowledge and the great trade pricing that she can obtain for you.

Surrounding yourself in colour. A super package for you!

Just like your wardrobe, the rooms in your home can do with a freshen up, a lifting, an emersion of some colour or a complete makeover.

I can guarantee working with Erina will be both fun and inspiring with a wonderful result.  I know she is helping me with my new build!

Another thing I love about the work Erina creates is her ability to work with different styles, it’s not what she likes, she gets the best for her client’s personality.  I love these 2 room makeovers of hers….


If you’d like to make contact with Erina please do so and don’t forget to mention the package.

Send some pictures if you go ahead with a room makeover, my thoughts are once you do one room you may need to continue.

Have a great week.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx