If a trend exists on social media – does it exist at all?

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If a trend exists on social media - does it exist at all?


Have you ever asked yourself “If a trend exists on social media – does it exist at all?”

Instagram especially has always been a healthy tool to show us what “real women” are buying and wearing.   Our feeds are full of an endless stream of different styles and sometimes quite frankly impractical trends.

So here’s a burning question : Do people really wear this stuff or is it the ‘It’ girls and ‘Style Queens’ just wearing it for the “gram”?

Some looks admittedly look amazing in filtered, still, perfectly posed Instagram photos… they, however don’t always work for most women’s busy lives.  I have a feeling a lot of girls and women out there have a trendy, impractical item in their wardrobe with the tags still on because they saw an influencer post it on Instagram or Facebook BUT they haven’t quite figured out how to wear it.

Some of the looks that have passed through and possibly still to come through our summer are interesting and I would love your thoughts;

  • Wooden clutch – Fashionistas thrashed the wooden handbag throughout the Northern Summer (as seen in my picture) on Instagram.  You would have thought that it was the only handbag worth having.  I’m not sure how practical it is, because of it’s structure it doesn’t pack down for traveling nor does it have a shoulder strap… these ones made from bamboo priced from a mere US$128.  I pick it will go well with a gladiator sandal and a wrap dress – a must have, I’m not sure.
  • High cut swimsuit – well again in a still pose with a perfect figure maybe, but this isn’t for most of us.  Generally the women that push this trend have beyond insane bodies.  These swimsuits really do feel revealing – right?
  • An extreme crop top – So, we go for the pumped up boob to the cleavage boob to now the ‘under-boob’  What on earth?  Besides the look – it just lacks functionality…. when would you wear it?
  • Lucite shoes – These shoes are see through and supposedly charming.  They get dirty and sweaty so easily… plus give you blisters.  Oh well, maybe one of the better options listed.
  • ‘Filet’ bags, aka Net Bags – At least these are more cost effective & they are quite pretty.  Basically these are the evolution of the nautical straw totes & baskets that we’ve been seeing for years.  Fine if you want everyone to see everything that you carry around and you don’t mind scrambling on the ground for your personal belongings…. maybe not as a handbag for me!

Final words, you be the judge, it’s a Curious Phenomenon!

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