Do you ask yourself, “What Clothes Suit Me?”

Visiting an image consultant is not always possible and that’s the exact reason why My Private Stylist was created.

This clever programme is used by image consultants and stylists the world over to compliment their services and now it’s available to you too.

You will discover the styles of clothes and accessories that work for your age and unique shape. You’ll not only look and feel better, but you’ll also be able to shop faster and with more accuracy than ever before.  You can use our online personal stylist programme to learn what a stylist would teach you.

The sad fact is that most women wear 20% of the clothes in their wardrobes, 80% of the time.  Our research discovered the average woman wastes $6000 on clothes that she’ll never (or rarely) wear and repeats this every 3 to 6 years.

That’s a LOT of wasted money!

Why do we only wear 20% of our wardrobe?

Because we get sidetracked by what we see on commercials and magazines and of course, the latest fashion trends. We tend to get carried away when we’re in the heat of the shopping moment, which results in selecting the wrong clothes for our body shape.

However, when you learn to work with what you’ve got, you’ll know how to play smarter on the shopping field. You’ll be able to put all of your attention on the garments that work for YOU. It’s as if you’re programming your mind to only see all of the clothes that work for you, that are great and to ignore everything else

You will learn to find the styles and coordination that highlights the best in your figure and style. By learning how to dress in a way that makes you look amazing, feel authentic and comfortable, your self-esteem will soar. You will know which clothes suit you the best. You will find people asking what you’ve changed as they too will notice you looking smarter, fresher, more confident and possibly even younger and fresher in your new wardrobe.

Introducing My Private Stylist

Imagine having your own personal stylist at your beck and call whenever you want, at a fraction of the price!  Great – yes? My Private Stylist is like having your own personal stylist (and BFF) with you when you’re out shopping.

Make today the start of your new look and life for Only $NZD157.00

“The Joy of Dressing is an Art”

– John Galliano –

Why it’s so good:

  • My Private Stylist saves you money by buying garments and outfits you’ll love, look good in and WEAR.
  • It will save you time  – no more wasted hours trying on the wrong outfits or wandering the mall overwhelmed with what to try on. With My Private Stylist, you’ll know exactly what styles to look for.
  • You’ll look great and feel great. When you look great you feel great, walk taller and be more enthusiastic about life.  And did I mention the compliments you’ll start hearing?
  • For every item of clothing, you can switch between ‘everyday view’ and ‘professional view’ to see how the looks subtly differ for work and social situations.
  • You get access to information and will receive follow-up emails that help you get the most out of your programme.

It’s All About You – Every Part of You

From your height, age and weight, to your body shape, face shape, leg length, body scale, shoulders, neck length and any challenging areas – it’s all taken into consideration and used to create your unique style programme.

Your online personal stylist programme gives you a clear picture of your needs and the best clothing styles suited for YOUR body type. So you can be confident that the style makeover recommendations and fashion advice is relevant to you and not just general advice that anyone can relate to. You will know the answer to which clothes will suit you.

Your Online Personal Style Programme Covers Your Best:

  • Garment silhouettes
  • Underwear & swimwear styles
  • Skirt, dress, coat & pant lengths
  • Shoulder seam styles

Your Online Personal Stylist Covers Your Most Flattering:

  • Collar and neckline styles
  • Top and jacket lengths
  • Accessory sizes and accessorizing style aims
  • Sleeve lengths
  • Shoe styles

Your Online Personal Stylist will Show You How To 

  • Coordinate your clothes (which I believe is worth every penny)
  • Use color contrasts to give you the best proportions. And those to avoid
  • Choose fabric textures and those to avoid
  • Select and wear patterns

Make today the start of your new look and life for Only $NZD157.00

You’re planning on losing some weight – no problem.

If your weight changes result in a 5cm / 2″ gain or loss on any part of your body you can submit your new details and update your programme.

With your one time payment you get lifetime access to My Private Stylist and two 2 free updates for any weight changes, so, there’s no need to wait.

It’s simply the best way to gain accurate style advice without seeing an image consultant and of course it costs a lot less too.

So how much?

It’s less than one visit to your hairstylist or one quality pair of pants – a small price for information that will save you thousands and last a lifetime.

So, what are you waiting for – GET YOUR PROGRAMME TODAY Your only a few clicks away from the new you.

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Make today the start of your new look and life for Only $NZD157.00