Want to learn how to get the best from your makeup?

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Want to learn how to get the best from your makeup?

Want to learn how to get the best from your makeup?

Having makeup ready skin is super important for getting the best from your makeup, so too are the tools that you use and one of the biggest and best ways is through using Primers.  Products that make your makeup wear all day, get the best colour intensity and also assist your products in allowing a little of your makeup go a whole lot further.

Excitedly my brand of makeup that I support and use, John VanG from Europe has just released new primers :  A makeup base, 2 eyeshadow bases (1 for sensitive eyes) and a lipstick seal.  With all of these your touchups are minimal.

  • After using your anti-ageing cream and your SPF the next product is your makeup base, or foundation primer as some know the product by.  The foundation base gives velvety smooth foundation and it will wear longer. This product feels like satin on your skin and makes your foundation look healthy and glowing. $42.00.
  • For preparation for your eyeshadow choose between 2 eyeshadow bases.  Eyeshadow base intensifies the colour of the eyeshadows and improves the durability.  These products have a light pearlised look to them… almost prettier than your eyeshadow. $24.00
  • Use your lipstick like you normally would and brush over the lipstick seal for it to do just that, seal your lipstick.  I love how this product doesn’t dry your lips nor stain them it just helps your lipstick have longer wear. $40.00.
  • I mustn’t forget to mention my under eye product or known as a Natural Concealer, which I have already written about but if you missed the blog on this you can read more here.   My clients are loving this, it’s a brush, you twist the bottom to get the product out and brush it under your eyes.  This lightens those sleepless night areas or maybe you are like a lot of ladies and your stressful days show under your eyes with darker areas.  With this product you just lighten and brighten the area.  Just fab!  $44.00.

An added bonus is these products are affordable BUT they make such a difference.  I know my makeup lasts so much longer using these primers because I have far less touch ups even going into the evening.

If you’d like to jump on board and purchase these wonderful products simply email me… if you’d like to and are able to come into my Studio in Freemans Bay to try,  remember my Open morning, the first Tuesday of every month, the next one being June 7th 10am – 2pm. Simply email me for the address.

With my Personal Styling one of my phrases of advice to clients is, one of the best accessories you can wear is good skin and appropriate makeup.

Be in touch if you have any questions.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx


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