The hottest Colour to wear for 2016 is ?

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The hottest colour to wear for 2016 is?

Welcome back to the World of Fashion, Style & What’s New for 2016.  I look forward to bringing you many fun, inspirational and maybe “a ha” moments through my blogs & newsletters… enjoy!

You must want to know what the hottest colour to wear for 2016 is ?  Well, this year Pantone, The Colour Institute (The Colour Authority) has released it’s Colour for 2016 but it’s not one Colour it’s two glorious Colours, dubbed Rose Quartz and Serenity.  They are shades of pale pink and baby blue.

The word out there is “It’s Twins” or  “It’s a Boy it’s a Girl!”

Pantone makes their announcement each year and it is closely watched by the design and fashion industry as the tipoff to a trend that usually spreads through home décor, fashion and design for several years. It tends to unleash a cascade of announcements from retailers revealing their own products in these same colours.

This particular pastel pairing calls to mind a balloon bouquet announcing a pair of babies, but Pantone says that isn’t the aim. These shades, they say, were chosen to convey rosy warmth and tranquility. As for baby stuff, they don’t want to go there. “Rose quartz is not baby pink, it doesn’t have that wimpy feel” says the Executive Director.

These colours are universally flattering, they tend to suit the darkest to palest of skin tones.  We’ve seen blush go through as a popular colour, we will now see a lot of Rose Quartz take it’s place or walk alongside it.  Watch this space as brides start using this Colour for 2016 as it certainly represents tranquility and peace.

Bolder colours are normally the choice for Pantone so it is a pleasant surprise to have colours that reflect a pastel trend that we have been seeing a lot of.  The decision was also made based on the fact that people these days are wanting and looking for compassion and these chosen colours reflect stability, comfort and relaxation.

Serenity, the blue, offers a feeling of freshness so I’m sure we will be seeing this predominantly for men and the Rose Quartz, similar to that of the ever popular nude pink will remain a favourite for women.

Look out for these stunning colours around you in home décor, fashion shops and flowing onto the makeup shelves, they are certainly pleasing to the eye!

Enjoy these new tranquil Colours around you, try them first in your accessories if you think they are not quite you!

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx


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