A little bit European, a bigger bit Australian.

Pelle Italian for skin, lucent English for glow.

Pellelucent Age-Management Cream and Lotion protects, nourishes and re-vitalises the appearance of your skin. Both are luxurious, long-lasting products based around core active ingredients that strengthen and smooth the skin.


Check out this wonderful feedback from one of my clients just a few days of having trialed Pellelucent :
“I was going to message you to say to date I am really impressed. My skin is glowing and feels really hydrated. I do have a problem with a dry scaly nose but, this is the first product that has actually made it look so much better in such a short time. I am excited as to how my skin will feel in the next few weeks. So glad you sent me the sample”

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Pellelucent is packed full of Active Ingredients that have an effect beyond traditional moisturises, these include: Antioxidants; Green tea; COQ10, Vit E, Seaweed Compound from the South Australian Coast plus core European Ingredients to bring you one of Australia’s best anti-ageing products on the market.

The Pellelucent Points of Difference :

  • Pellelucent provides a UNIQUE BALANCE of divergent elements that is not replicated by any other product.
  • Pellelucent works, we have established a high rate of repeat purchases as satisfied customers come back for more
  • Pellelucent offers real value-for-money, it is packed with quality active ingredients and we are selling our 100ml product at a price-point more closely associated with our competitors’ 30ml
  • Pellelucent is a one-stop shop, Pellelucent is your anti-ageing product and your eye-cream, serums or other products are not necessary. (Used both morning and night an SPF for day use is recommended).


7 Reasons to Use Pellelucent :

  • Pellelucent only produces Age-Management and Anti-ageing Products
  • Pellelucent is made in Australia to exacting standards
  • Pellelucent has a unique combination of ingredients
  • Pellelucent is effective
  • Pellelucent is kind to your skin and to animals
  • Pellelucent quality is protected
  • Pellelucent is the basis of an easy beauty routine.

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If you are interested in being a Retail Distributor of our Unique brand in New Zealand, we are looking at select boutique shops, salons and spas please contact me.
Pellelucent is a Cosmeceutical – the term “cosmeceutical” is often used to describe a product that contains biologically active ingredients that have an effect beyond that of traditional moisturisers and skin-care products. Prominent amongst these types of ingredients are Vitamins C and E, anti-oxidants, botanicals and marine-sourced ingredients. As Pellelucent contains these active ingredients in meaningful quantities we embrace the term “cosmeceutical” in our description.