Why is wearing the right Colours so important?

    • Colours have the most immediate impact, wearing the right colour is one of the most important tools you can use in business. You may also not be familiar with the psychological impact your choice of colour can have on your clients and customers.


    • Wearing the wrong colours can be ageing and draining. It’s important to wear colours that highlight your natural colourings and harmonise with you.


  • Colour is a very powerful tool!


“I had such a fun couple of hours yesterday when I had a consultation with Johanna-May to sort out my ‘colours’. Veeerrrry interesting, and how diplomatic was Johanna-May as she showed me that, over the past 30 years, or so, my colours had changed. Maybe due to ageing and a change of hair colour. I wonder – was I ever a ‘Winter’ anyway?… Mmmm. It became very obvious to me, as we stepped through the process, that I am definitely a High Contrast Spring! Oh my!!! This morning I hunted out all my gold jewellery that I had thought I shouldn’t wear and – I agree, it looks much better than the silver. I really like Johanna’s gentle approach. There’s no pressure to make drastic changes immediately. I can go at my own pace and, as I buy new items of clothing, I have my trusty swatch of colours I can turn to for advice. As Johanna is now an advisor for the Milford Mall I think a shopping trip to my ‘local’ may be in order to build on the items I already have, that fit the colour scheme. This is exciting – I feel a ‘new me’ coming on! Thanks Johanna-May!”

Judith Ramage-Paterson


Wardrobe makeover before and after
Here’s the difference of just wearing the right Colour, Judith looking radiant in her orange/red

Why do you often buy clothes and never wear them?

    • People who are dressed better are perceived to be smarter and more successful they are viewed as being natural leaders and have a competitive advantage. Do you battle with self-consciousness about your figure and worried that you have no idea how to dress that figure properly?


    • Dressing for your Unique Body type, Personality and Lifestyle are imperative to dressing professionally and allowing you to be ready to meet people with confidence.


    • Having a personalised Style file shows you what styles & accessories suit “you”, it indicates your Fashion Personality that work with your lifestyle.


  • Style is not about Fashion it is About You, knowing your Style is important!

“Had a fabulous time with Johanna last week. We went to some great shops and will be definitely going back (again & again). I learnt a lot about how to layer, types of clothes that suit me and I feel so much more confident. Hubby loves my “new look”. Your style report was so thorough and your makeup tips invaluable. Thank you SO much for your excellent advice & support. I look forward to going again next season!”

 Kris Young

“I wanted to say thank you so much. I’m really enjoying the clothes. I love them. There is so much to choose from and I’ve learnt so much. Everything is so bright and colourful!!! My wardrobe has life
You really took me outside my restrictive square and I feel really good!! Everything is warm and comfortable. I finally feel as if I’ve got loads to wear and its such a good feeling. Its very uplifting.
I just went to work wearing the mustard jumper and blue coat and it felt great!! Everyone is commenting on my style so that’s a credit to you.
Have an awesome holiday and I cant wait to do the summer wardrobe.”

 Katherine Connor

Why do you only wear about 20% of your wardrobe?

    • Making changes to your wardrobe and style can affect how you view your body, even if your body itself hasn’t changed.


    • Throwing on a skirt that works with your curves instead of against them may just allow you to wear more of your wardrobe.


    • By working your wardrobe you will learn tricks and tips to accentuate your best features and hide problem areas.


  • New outfits in your existing wardrobe will be found leaving you with a refreshed way of looking at each day.

“My wardrobe update with Johanna-May has been amazing! After clearing out the clutter of clothes that didn’t suit me, were worn out or I just didn’t feel good in I’ve been left with a collection of outfits I now know how to put together. I can’t put into words how much easier this has made my mornings, as pulling together an outfit has become infinitely easier. Johanna-May has also identified a list of gaps so I know what to purchase next to help me round out my wardrobe. Loved the experience!”

Jo Davenport
Vanilla Bloom


Why ever would you spend money on a Personal Shopper?

    • Did you know that people who are perceived as “good-looking and nicely dressed” receive higher pay than those who are perceived as “plain”. Research says that 85% of communication is non-verbal, so choosing what to wear is clearly an important part of everyday life.


    • Personal Shopping is approached by me with an objective eye with the experience of knowing where to shop, what suits you and pushing your hum drum boundaries of always looking at the same old same old. You will have a wardrobe that is easy to manage and that has multiple outfit combinations and is suitable for any occasion.


  • When you look good, you feel good. When you feel good, you look even better.

“Johanna-May is very professional and caring of her clients. She made the whole process of sorting out my colours and wardrobe fun and interesting. I was expecting it to be a daunting process but she puts you instantly at ease.

Johanna-May made outfits out of the things I already own that I would not have considered before yet they still totally fit my personality. I loved that she didn’t shut out black for me even though it’s not in my preferred colour palette. She just gave me options on how to wear it better.

Shopping with Johanna-May was a lovely experience and great to have that extra pair of eyes (with your best interest at heart) when extending your comfort zone. She really helps you build confidence in your wardrobe and teaches you how to get real value out the peices that you do invest in. It’s quite a gift to make order out of someones chaos and to help them step out of the zone of ordinary when it comes to their wardrobes. Thanks Johanna-May!”

Mandy Beverley

Personal shopping testimonial

Why beauty is important for women and how makeup can help?

Beauty Builds Confidence… and Confidence Amplifies Beauty

Beauty → Confidence → Success → Happiness!

    • Well presented skin and makeup are extremely important to positive self-image. The power of makeup is to illuminate the face, when a woman improves her appearance, an amazing thing happens. People begin to pay her attention.


    • When makeup is applied correctly, makeup enhances your own natural beauty, it calls attention to your best features and it can conceal or de-emphasise any flaws.


  • Beautiful skin starts with protection and then makeup. One of the best accessories you can carry with you is beautiful skin and a radiant smile.

“Thanks for all the tips you gave me. I stepped out on Saturday with confidence knowing my make-up was flattering, my jewellery choices balanced, the colours chosen for shoes and fascinator appropriate and well matched.

I knew I was dressed and made-up as best suits my time in life and I felt sure and confident.

The comments I received (even from people I didn’t know) reassured me of all of that.

I am so grateful to your expertise and am telling anyone who will listen how important an appointment is with a stylist

I wish you every success in your business and hope we shall see each other again.”

 Christine Smith (Mother of the Bride)

More feedback from my gorgeous clients…

After having two boys, exiting the corporate world and moving countries, I didn’t feel inspired or confident when I looked in the mirror. I started researching and following stylists. Initially I was sceptical, that’s until I read an article about how much money you could save from getting someone to help you buy the kind of right clothes. That evening I went through my closet and was horrified at the value of clothes that were in my wardrobe that were not being worn, then I settled on Johanna-May’s Pinot Noir package. I was nervous to start but when I arrived for my colours I instantly felt inspired by the way Johanna-May dressed. The wardrobe audit was probably my highlight – it was a big undertaking but with great learnings and results. Some highlights for me were – learning some of my amazing designer dresses that I loved but never wore were the wrong length for me (so off they went to get the hems taken up); realizing that colour blocking was super fun and that orange actually went with purple; and that I was missing some key elements to tie outfits together (i.e. white shoes). At the end of the package I can honestly say that although I only purchased about 5-7 new things, and downsized my closet by about half, I now have many amazing outfits! Johanna-May put together outfits for me I would have never thought of, all while reducing the number of items in my closet. I also gave Johanna-May the added challenge of cycling most places. However even with this challenge Johanna-May put together some great biking friendly and super cute outfits. I now look at my closet and think “wow what am I going to wear today”, I am now much more confident in how I look and what to wear when. I have less clothes but many more outfits. Thank you Johanna-May this has been a super fun and insightful experience. I look forward to working with you again for my winter wardrobe!

Glenda Lewis
Step Out Transform
Business Transformation Leadership

Having not updated my wardrobe in years, and not being overly fond of shopping, I reached out to Johanna-May for some assistance when I looked in my wardrobe and realised I didn’t have any suitable clothes to wear for an evening out.
Johanna-May was amazing to work with. Her friendly, encouraging and non-judgemental personality put me immediately at ease. She never put pressure on me to purchase any items, worked within my budget and made shopping a fun and enjoyable experience. Shopping was also extremely efficient as she came prepared with a plan and introduced me to shops that I didn’t even know existed. I now have a colourful and versatile wardrobe which feels great to wear. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Thank you Johanna-May

Heather Park

“Just wanted to give a big shout out to Johanna-May Manks …. stylist extraordinaire in my book!
Have a photoshoot tomorrow & asked Johanna to give me a hand picking various outfits. She did a wardrobe audit for me at the same time & put together outfits I never new I had – it was like shopping my own wardrobe.
Fortunately (?!) there are a few spaces that need filling, & a few more accessories wouldn’t go astray. I’m now excitedly looking forward to part two of the process …… shopping!!! Yipeee!
Thank you so much Johanna-May – 2016 is going to be a big year for Venus & by association me, I’m heading in to it just that little bit more confident. I’d recommend Johanna-May 150% !!”

Carolyn Banks
Regional Manager Venus Networking

“I was recommended Johanna-May’s services, I’m in my early 50s, a businessman that doesn’t like wearing suits and although I think/thought I dressed ok Johanna-May has taken this to a whole new level at work and socially. The day going through my wardrobe and then shopping was a fantastic experience and a lot of fun, I learnt so much. I can mix and match my trousers, shirts, shoes and jackets and I feel years, even a decade younger, I love going out now looking and feeling great (I don’t believe I’m saying this as a bloke but I seriously do), and I am regularly getting positive comments from both women and men about my new looks (even my adult daughter).  I’m sure I am going to the gym easier and happier now as well knowing that this will only enhance the clothes I am wearing.
Thanks Johanna-May, and I’ll be back when I need more.”
– Mark Honeybone, Owner and Manager of Property Ventures Real Estate
“OMG, Johanna, my husband is a different person. What an amazing job you’ve done! He looks younger, slimmer and so much cooler. And he feels so much more confident.
I couldn’t thank you enough! I have a new husband!?”

Aga Krezeczkowska



“On a recent visit to NZ I had the fortune to have a colour and make-up analysis with the wonderful Johanna-May. She immediately put me at my ease and at the end of a most enjoyable session I came away feeling confident that I could now shop for clothes in colours that actually flattered my tones rather than impulse buying clothes in colours I liked but which did not suit me. Having used a skin care range very happily for many years Johanna-May recommended Pellelucent face cream which I have used for a couple of months and am now converted! I would throughly recommend the services Johanna-May offers and I can’t wait to have a “shopping” trip with her on my next visit to NZ.”

 Pam Harvey, Scotland

“Johanna came round to my house a few weeks ago. My wardrobe was so tired that it was practically snoring!! What a huge task, I had put out all my clothes on my bed and some I have had for a very long time. Johanna was lovely, professional, knowledgeable and knew exactly what should go with what. We culled a huge part of my wardrobe, mainly because my body has changed so much and most the the clothes were ill fitting. I felt so good afterwards. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It was amazing. Now I have less clothes but MORE OUTFITS!!! It is great. I am now very much looking forward to going shopping with Johanna so I can compete my new wardrobe. I would highly recommend Johanna if you are looking to upgrade your wardrobe and have a huge de-clutter.
– – – – – – –
I first met Johanna-May last year. I was inspired to have someone help my cull my wardrobe as I feel I hold onto things way longer than I should.
She came to my home and immediately put me at ease with her friendly and down to earth and professional nature. She helped me chuck out a lot of my clothes which just simply did not suit me any more. She also helped me find a whole lot of new outfits from my existing wardrobe!!! Putting things together that worked perfectly.I then decided to ask her to go shopping with me. We met up and checked out my budget and then she took the lead and took me to shops. Im not a big shopper and tend to buy the same things.. She took me out my comfort zone in terms of what I was to try on, BUT it made me realise I actually suited the styles which I had been avoiding for so long. I got some amazing outfits together and felt really happy with the end result. I felt like a new woman.I would so recommend Johanna-May if you are looking at sproosing up your self image and wardrobe. I never realised how important image is especially if you run your own business. You ARE your brand and she will make you look your best.
She is friendly, professional, absolutely knows her stuff and is really down to earth too. Not only that but we had some great laughs too.”

 Amy McAuley, Director PowerhoopNZ

“I’ve never been super stylish but I love the idea of becoming more fashion-inclined. Inviting Johanna to do a ‘wardrobe audit’ was scary but mainly exciting. I have way too many clothes and so many of them didn’t suit me and I just wasn’t sure how to make them work! Johanna came in with kindness and confidence and helped me figure out what to mix & match and what to toss! Best fashion money I’ve ever spent!”

Natalie Cutler-Welsh, Go to Girl Social Media & Networking

“Exceptional & fun experience with an expert who is brilliant at what she does”

“I have to start by saying that before I had the styling session, I was already quite a confident person but the way I feel now is SENSATIONAL! The personal styling experience I had with Johanna was one that has changed not only my wardrobe, but also my confidence and my eye for shopping forever! Johanna has an exceptional ability to understand which styles and colours look great on you and she made my transformation both easy and fun. I no longer wear the same old jeans and black top as my staple outfit, and instead feel really feminine and confident in a number of different outfits that have been created using a combination of some of my original pieces from my wardborde while incorporating a few new ‘must haves’ that I now adore! It is truly amazing just how good I now feel wearing the right colours in the right styles – I actually lost count of the compliments I received while sporting the new ‘me’. Now when I shop, I automatically know which styles and colours will immediately compliment me and know which to steer clear of. I thoroughly recommend spending time with Johanna – she is a true professional and you will definitely come away feeling absolutely AMAZING!!”

Lisa Walsh

personal styling testimonial

“Johanna-May’s styling expertise has helped me match how wonderful I feel inside with how I look on the outside. Changing my colours and emphasising my best attributes has helped me feel even more confident while running my training workshops throughout Australasia. I would recommend this makeover as a transformational treat at least once in a lifetime.”

 Julienne Rose

 Wellness Coach in Mind, Body & Spirit

 Certified PSYCH-K® Instructor

 Advanced PSYCH-K® Facilitator

 NLP Practitioner


“Thank you so much for showing me the way with colours. I am now aware about what colours I wear and how they make me look. It makes it so much easier to know what colours are going to look good on me. It makes it so much cheaper too as there are no more shopping disasters of purchasing the wrong colours. I make better clothing colour choices so have more confidence in myself as I know what I look good in.

It is amazing the comments from people I have received when I’m wearing the colours that suit me. It has empowered me to step outside my comfort zone and move away from what I thought was safe black.

I loved our session too. You are so professional and it clearly showed that you enjoy your work and know your stuff. You are passionate about helping real women feel better about themselves.

Thank you so very much Johanna!”


“Just a little something to say thank you so much for all of your help last week. You made me feel like a million dollars and therefore enjoy an evening I would have otherwise dreaded! Thanks again Geraldine.”


“It gives me great pleasure to be able to say, I have absolutely no hesitation in being able to recommend the many services of Johanna-May Manks.

I had the opportunity earlier this year to spend many very enjoyable hours with Johanna as she introduced me to her many talents.

Johanna did my colour, makeup, and body proportional analysis.  She gave me wonderful advice on the styles that actually suit my body shape and type such as lengths or hemlines, styles of belts, accessories and many more tips to help with today’s fashion and into the future.

We then had great fun with a wardrobe clearout which consisted of looking through my wardrobe and seeing what areas in relation to my lifestyle we could improve on and gave me tips on how to wear what I already had.  Then of course what I needed!  Who needs an excuse to shop.

Go on do it, you won’t regret it, I certainly haven’t!”

Amanda McCluskey