** Numbers are limited, next course is starting early April **


I very much believe every woman deserves the pleasure and outcomes of being well dressed and feeling fabulous. Being a remote and local Personal stylist helping women all over the World feel confident and look fabulous I deliver Virtual 6 month Mentorship programmes resulting in women achieving their image and style goals.

This 6 month Programme leaves no stone unturned, it is designed for the busy Entrepreneur, stay at home Mum or Women Professionals that want to climb the Corporate ladder and are ready to impress. It is for every woman everywhere wanting to unlock their personal style that they will enjoy.  Throughout the 6 months you will learn styles that suit the unique you so that you are able to buy the right thing every time.  You will also learn how to shine in your own true essence so you feel truly comfortable in your own skin.

Each month you will have a group session, access to contact in case you have a special event, presentation or party to go to and you need help, you will also have monthly time with me in-person whether that be me working on something for you each month or with me by your side, you will have my undivided attention.

The Package is designed for you, so that you are supported over a 6 month period while we make some well deserved changes so that you have that amazing, dynamic wardrobe that gives you confidence in your every day.

What is involved in the 6 month programme?

I invite each and every one of you who would like to know more about the Mentorship Programme to see if it is a good fit to claim a spot on my calendar for a complimentary 30min Style Breakthrough Session.

This is a session where we can really find out what it is you need from your image and style and to discuss the best plan for you going forward.

You are even welcome to bring an outfit so that I can do a mini Style Assessment to see if the outfit works for your lifestyle. Book your Style Breakthrough session here.

The outcome of this Image and Style Immersion programme is for you to feel confident in your wardrobe and in your own skin.

We will start with the base of your own wardrobe and grow on that. You will learn tips so that you will...

  • Save money
  • Have more time freedom
  • Dress for the Unique You and embrace your True Essence
  • Feel amazing every day
  • Know that what you wear suits You


"I’m feeling blessed and inspired to have had wardrobe time with Johanna-May. Thank you for an incredible Zoom and for your fabulous styling tips. I had an amazing session with you, I had so much fun getting your advice tips on a few of my wardrobe items. I will be doing more simple hair up-dos thanks to you. I loved that you shared with me about getting rid of some items that did not make me feel great and letting me feel it for myself.  I left with so much hope and inspiration on how to transform my wardrobe. The sense of joy I got today with creating new looks with changing 1-2 garments in my wardrobe.

I got inspired and got rid of about 5 more items in my wardrobe that I felt did not suit me and donated them to an op shop in my area. I was inspired to buy some items from the op shop 1) Bright Orange T-shirt (incorporated with existing wardrbobe work outfit) and 2) Powder Blue Jumper xx

Thank you for emaling me the items to action.  Your suggestions sound wonderful, I cannot wait to try most of them out."

Minal Patel (Bhimble Wellness)