Forget fashion doubt – dress & shop with 100% confidence!

With Colour & Style Analysis, get comprehensive expert know-how on picking garments, accessories, footwear and makeup to best compliment YOUR unique personality and looks – whatever your budget or lifestyle.

Select from the below services, or reward yourself with one of my Styling Packages.

Colour Analysis

Colour Analysis, Skincare consultation and Makeup application



Have you always wanted to know what colours suit you?

Do you visit shops and see so many colours that you never know which ones to buy?

Would you like to know what colours are perfect for your skin-tone?

Wearing the correct colours, can make you feel more energised, look less drawn and dramatically enhance your overall appearance.

In this session I will drape fabric drapes to determine your best suited colours to enhance your natural colouring. This includes a skincare analysis, makeup application and makeup recommendations and you will receive a comprehensive handbag size colour swatch to use when shopping which will give you immediate benefits of wearing the right colours.

Allow 1.5hrs – 2hrs


dressing for your body shape Auckland

Personalised Style File

Styles to suit your unique body shape, fashion personality and lifestyle


Do you want to know what styles suit you, your fashion personality and your lifestyle?

By analysing your body line you can learn the correct proportions to balance your silhouette, camouflage figure flaws and achieve your best look. I will find and work with your “fashion style and fashion personality” incorporating your lifestyle to find styles that works for your unique body shape.

In this service you will also have an accessory and footwear analysis along with learning about what fabrics to choose, necklines and other useful practical solutions to help with your individual style. You will learn how to protect yourself from the Fashion Fads that come and go.

You will take home a comprehensive Style File for your Image Solutions.

Done over 2 sessions, approximately 2.5hrs


makeup bag audit

Makeup Application & Makeup Bag Audit


The application of makeup is a skill that women are expected to know instinctively, and yet one in which they very rarely receive any formal training. The secret of a beautiful face isn’t an expensively assembled makeup bag, or difficult makeup techniques, it’s about using the right products in the right places to bring out your natural beauty.

Let me help strip away the mystery of makeup and help to find the small number of products and the simple application techniques that are right for you as an individual. Plus bring in your own daily makeup bag and let me look at what you are using, get some new recommendations and ideas.

Great to do once you have had a Colour Analysis.

Allow 1 hour


I had such a fun couple of hours yesterday when I had a consultation with Johanna-May to sort out my ‘colours’. Veeerrrry interesting, and how diplomatic was Johanna-May as she showed me that, over the past 30 years, or so, my colours had changed. Maybe due to ageing and a change of hair colour. I wonder – was I ever a ‘Winter’ anyway?… Mmmm. It became very obvious to me, as we stepped through the process, that I am definitely a High Contrast Spring! Oh my!!! This morning I hunted out all my gold jewellery that I had thought I shouldn’t wear and – I agree, it looks much better than the silver. I really like Johanna’s gentle approach. There’s no pressure to make drastic changes immediately. I can go at my own pace and, as I buy new items of clothing, I have my trusty swatch of colours I can turn to for advice. As Johanna is now an advisor for the Milford Mall I think a shopping trip to my ‘local’ may be in order to build on the items I already have, that fit the colour scheme. This is exciting – I feel a ‘new me’ coming on! Thanks Johanna-May!
Judith Ramage-Paterson

Wardrobe makeover before and after
Here’s the difference of just wearing the right Colour, Judith looking radiant in her orange/red