Visiting a Personal Stylist is not always possible.

Image & Style Mentorship Programme (6 months)

** Numbers are limited, next course is starting mid June 2023 **

This 6 month Programme leaves no stone unturned, it is designed for the busy Entrepreneur, stay at home Mum or Women Professionals that want to climb the Corporate ladder and are ready to impress. It is for every woman everywhere wanting to unlock their personal style that they will enjoy.  Throughout the 6 months you will learn styles that suit the unique you so that you are able to buy the right thing every time.  You will also learn how to shine in your own true essence so you feel truly comfortable in your own skin.

With these Virtual Stylist Programmes and E-Programmes you will have your Personal Stylist at your finger tips.
It’s paramount to know what Styles suit you.  Shopping becomes so much easier.  To cover off all styles of garments that works for your unique body shape the ‘Virtual Personal Styling’ programme is for you.


With this information you can move on to the Virtual Styling Modules.
  • The Wardrobe Audit will result in a streamlined workable wardrobe built around you and your lifestyle.
  • If you like a minimal mix and match wardrobe then going on to The Capsule Wardrobe is ideal for you.  The best results and value is ’The Desirable Wardrobe Bundle’  which will give you the most streamlined wardrobe possible.
Please note all of these programmes can be done separately.  If you would rather work with me directly please go to my Services page.