DENIM Denim denim

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DENIM Denim denim


DENIM Denim denim…. how much should you wear, how bold should it be?

You’ve seen the head-to-toe denim look on the runway, in magazines, and even on the street. Since spotting denim head-to-toe, you’ve been wondering how you can rock it yourself –how you can make it your own. You’re not the only one.  Here’s some denim Styles, Must-Haves and how to rock a Head-to-toe denim look ;


Top Denim Must-Haves That Deliver

If you want to start wearing more denim try mixing a few pieces into some of your favourite outfits. Some of these pieces are statement pieces, so that means the rest of your ensemble’s extravagance should be kept to a minimum. But again, that depends on your personal style and where you’re planning on going. Some events call for extravagance whereas others require subtle beauty.

Here are some fab denim pieces to look out for that are hitting the streets. I’ve been loving denim for a while now so all of these I would be prepared to wear. It’s up to you to decide which one gets your fashionista heart pumping.



A comfy one, one that hides all.   I remember wearing overalls 30 years ago.  Don’t think farmer or gardener denim overalls have gone way beyond those silhouettes and had major transformations. Today, overalls come with fringe, frills, ruffles, tie details, and bows to spice them up and keep them feeling extra modern and feminine.



Yes, go out and get a denim jumpsuit immediately!  It’s a piece that endures several fashion seasons and it really does look amazing on all body types. Whether you go for a sleek sleeveless number or an industrious jumpsuit, you’ll take your fashionista claim by rocking this item. Coming into summer you will see a lot of these, summer is going to be about ease and the jumpsuit doesn’t get any easier.



Whether you select a fitted or oversized vest, you’ll be sure to delight with your denim skills. An all black or white monochromic look really pops with a denim vest.  I often put one over a dress to create a more casual look or to get more options out of my dress, it pulls it all together nicely. Patches and embroidery define your denim, too.



Think a denim shoe can’t be done? Think again. Savvy denim shoes are those that have classic lines and are trendy without going overboard. Denim flats, slip-on, and sneakers are front-runners. Less is more, so don’t select a denim shoe that distracts attention from your entire outfit.


How To Rock A Head-to-toe Denim Look

Here are my tips for you. They’re pretty basic, but by addressing these items, you’ll be able to rock a head-to-toe denim look as if designed by a fashion specialist – just for you.

Colour: The denim colour matters. Try to be as monochromatic as possible unless you’re going for vintage patchwork which can be tricky, but it can be done. Monochromatic denim is classic and by sticking with one shade head to toe, it will give the illusion of any other monochromatic look. Totally modern and cool.

Details: While we love frayed edges, distressed washes, bling, patches and embroidery details – now is not the time to rock too many of these details. And definitely not all at once. That would be a fashion faux pas. Find one subtle detail and one only. In all honesty, the fewer details the better.

Accessories: Because the head-to-toe denim look is unique, the only accessory that should stand out is your bag. Go for colour and unique shapes and details. Don’t wear over-the-top jewelery unless you want to reflect that 90s vibe. Simple gold or silver hoops and a classic watch are sufficient. However, some chunky gold or silver pieces work nicely with an updo hairstyle.


So, what are your thoughts on a head-to-denim outfit? I hope you give it a try and let me know how it goes after reading about these tips!

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx