What is the next ‘big’ thing?

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For a while we have been seeing oversized this and that…  big bags, big glasses, big shoulder pads and now…. What is the next ‘big’ thing?

Staying in the oversized category, big for Spring and Summer is SLEEVES!   How impractical a lot of my ladies have said!  Hold on a minute – not everything has to be particularly PRACTICAL!  We can have outfits & garments for certain occasions and for certain times of the day.  Statement sleeves are not made for doing the housework but they are a finishing touch to your outfit.  It’s a must to try!

Fashion trends come and go, but dramatic sleeves / statement sleeves are a trend I’m quite in love with right now.  They are dramatic and unique.

A lot of designers have their own take on statement sleeves at the moment. There are a few types to investigate… The bell sleeve is modern and edgy, extra long sleeves can be a little annoying but they are trés chic. Ruffle sleeves, cold shoulder (such a great way to show some skin but not too much) and off the shoulder are all strong styles for summer.

Cold shoulder/cold arm long sleeve by Johanna-May Personal Stylist.   To see more : Gemeos long sleeve active top.


Gemeos long sleeve active top


My thoughts are the off the shoulder trend is still going strong, I think it has now well and truly earned it’s way into our wardrobe without the ‘trend’ stigma, it’s simply just the new normal.  When a trend becomes ‘normal’ it’s because it has earned it’s stripes, it happens when things are flattering i.e off the shoulder style, or practical i.e. sneakers and slip ons, they don’t simply earn their trend status because a mass of other people are wearing it like that $500 + designer t-shirt.

If you’re a ‘fashion person’ I’m willing to bet that you have a very special place in your heart for statement sleeves, think tiered, flared, ruffled or balloon-shaped all have superhero-like abilities to take any outfit from simple to dramatic in an instant but remain wearable.  Plus they stand out… picture this ‘wearing your statement sleeves while waving down a taxi ride’!?  How amazing, your sleeves would look like a romantic fairytale.

New in my Studio for summer are a number of ‘gorgeous dramatic sleeves’.  Take for example the gorgeous Victoria in crisp white linen, a ‘classic-casual with a trendy twist’  This off-the-shoulder will fit seamlessly into any wardrobe.  One of my favourites for this Summer, Victoria is beautiful and feminine. AND versatile too, it can be worn on or off the shoulder. Now in my Studio in white and soon to arrive in black.  Size small & medium. Drop me a line to order or make a time to come and try.

A stand out way to play up the volume of exaggerated sleeves, like bell sleeves is to pair them with equally amped-up pants.  Think “Go Big or Go Home”   This gorgeous mesh top has the most beautiful detailing. Pink embroidered spots abound, with frilled sleeves and an exposed baby pink zip at the back. Size 10 or 12.  Drop me a line to order or make a time to come and try.
Eugene top
These looks will certainly top your game.  Whether your sleeves are billowy, bell shaped, ruffled or extra long, the more fun you have with the statement sleeve, the more playful your look can be.
This is definitely putting some feeling into what you wear!
Embrace and have fun,
Johanna-May xx