What is age appropriate Dressing ?

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What is age appropriate dressing?


What is Age Appropriate Dressing?

As a Personal Stylist, I am often asked “how do I dress appropriately for my age?”, usually this question is asked by women in their 40s and beyond who don’t want to look like ‘mutton dressed as lamb’, or appear older than they actually are.

A statement that I hear often from women is “I hate grey hair or I feel old with grey hair”  I have chosen photos for this blog of gorgeous, stylish, fun women with grey hair.  They look confident and simply radiant.  We must remember there is beautifully looked after grey hair and badly looked after grey hair.  Worn chic-ly like the Parisian woman to me projects someone comfortable in their own skin and confidence.

I mostly find that women as they mature, and yes, that’s me too,  want to have confidence in their image and be noticed for the right reasons. Style confidence comes from wearing clothes that look right and feel good.  One of my biggest words of advice is… don’t dress for your age, dress for your body!

Teens and 20-somethings have the youth to carry any look off, but as you get older you need to know what works for your figure and which bits to show off and which bits to not show off!

  • Don’t hide in black, as wearing the right colours can have an amazing effect and it’s the first thing people actually notice.
  • A colour analysis session is a great investment and will show you which colours you look great in, you might be pleasantly surprised when you see it!
  • Create balance in your outfits, ie, wear a shorter skirt (and as we get older to the knee is a good length) with a higher neck, wear skinny trousers (and yes, you can) with a longer, loose fitting top.
  • Spend as much as you can on a few, quality classic pieces and spend less on current ‘fashion’ items.
  • My personal tip is don’t overload on jewellery, less is more and too much is overkill!
  • Can you still wear red lipstick – absolutely !  BUT, do find the right red for you, something we also cover in a Colour Analysis session. Go lighter on the rest of your makeup.

I have picked some photos of real women, living and dressing the way they want, some of them totally “rocking” the attitude and wearing exactly what they want and how they want.  I love the freedom of these women and I love how the very clever photographer has captured them.  Take a look at the other moments this photographer Vessel Valtchinova’s has captured.

Finally, if you need some assistance finding your Style personality or would simply like to have your Colours done, you can see my packages/services here, I also welcome talking through any options.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx