Am I too old to wear that?

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Am I too old to wear that?Am I too old to wear that?

This is such a hot question that rolls off the lips of most of my clients so here it is I hope this helps you too…

After fifty most women’s style naturally begins to evolve to harmonize with the changes in their lives. These changes do not have to herald your change from stylish to dowdy; they simply mean a rethink of the trends that cater to your changing circumstances and shape.

All women regardless of their age, shape, weight or height can look amazing – all it takes is the know-how and a little practice. Can I hear you say… ”yea and the money!”?  If you did, know that money has little to do with style and everything to do with the elements below.


The first thing to get a grip on is what age you appear to be and feel.

Many women do not look or act their age. I’m not talking about a woman who is sixty and acts twenty-five, but one that looks and acts forty-five when she’s sixty-five.  She knows her personal style, seeks current styles of clothing and accessories that flatter her shape and work with her lifestyle.

It is apparent age rather than true age that we should look to when deciding if we should wear something.

The first area to take into consideration is:


Within these bounds knowing where to draw the line with skin exposure is probably the most important thing when it comes to being stylish over 50.  When it comes down to it, there are several areas of our body that tend to give away age: our face, neck, hands, upper arms, thighs and cleavage being the main culprits.

This is a time where short shorts or thigh-high miniskirts are trickier to wear… be self aware and learn what areas need a little less exposure.


How much you expose depends on the condition of your skin and the length of your neck. I’ve found that while some women agonize over the neck few other people notice it if everything else is up to par. V-neck and open collars flatter necks that are getting shorter or fuller and are always on trend.

The upper décolletage on most women remains reasonably firm and smooth and allows for many neckline trends. It’s only deep necklines that expose cleavage that can expose a somewhat wrinkly cleavage that should be avoided if you wish to appear more youthful. Keyhole cutouts are modest for everyone and put a chic feel into an outfit while off-the-shoulder can also be thumbs up because it remains stylish without showing too much skin!


A common place that concerns women over 50 and a giveaway of age if showing signs of untoned skin or dimpling. Opt instead for bust to half-length sleeves and there are plenty of wonderful bell sleeves to choose from at present. Also, worth mentioning is sheer sleeves which allow for the best of both looks.


Length is a huge topic on a “am I too old to wear this,” list.

Someone of 60 shouldn’t be wearing a mini skirt that a 16-year-old would wear if their goal is to project a polished style and the reason for this is our thighs which are generally, not our best feature after 50. I recommend you avoid dress and skirt hemlines more than 2”/5cms above the knee, high splits and shorts no higher than mid-thigh. To carry-off, a dress or skirt hem higher than mid-thigh add opaque hosiery to subtlety blur the length.

Likewise, deep backs on evening gowns and swimwear can reveal sagging flesh.


Not only is age a factor when it comes hot how something fits but it’s an overall rule for anyone. If something feels uncomfortable or constricting and it’s highlighting unflattering bulges, it’s not flattering or stylish. Either don some shapewear or give it a miss. If there’s one thing I’ve learned along the way past 50, it’s that comfort becomes a priority for most women. Not because we’re lazy or unstylish but we’ve been there, done that and are over it. There’s plenty of flattering and stylish things to wear without being squished into shape.

Far more comfortable and flattering are garments that skim your curves.

No matter what your shape, weight or age garments that reveal shape will always be more flattering than those that are straight – especially if they are boxy and stiff. The shape of garments are is psychologically linked with youthfulness and agility while the reverse is true of shapelessness.


This is an area that can become difficult if your middle is thickening. If you have a long body and defined waist, high waist designs will always work in your favour. A high waist can create a flattering fit and it is also on trend.

If your waist is high or mid-torso short, look for skirts and pants that are waistbandless or have narrow waistbands and when adding belts match them to your top rather than the bottom.

If your tummy is full either blouse your tucked in top or wear it out and to a flattering length.


Next blog will be about questions you can ask yourself so that you can be your own judge as to whether or not you should/could wear something.

I love helping women through this time and guiding them to show them how to get the best out of their unique body shape no matter what age.  If you would love to have a complimentary chat as to how I can help you please jump on my calendar and I look forward to seeing you for some Style Discovery time of your own.

I do believe we can age like a fine wine!

Until the next blog.

Yours in style,

Johanna-May x

P.S Let me know if you found this helpful.