Are you ready to ditch the skinnies?

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Are you ready to ditch the skinnies?

Having had a week immersed in #NZFW wide legged pants / palazzo pants / flares were well represented, they were on the catwalks and in the front row.

I hear you say ‘I don’t suit wide-leg pants’ BUT perhaps you really like this style so check this out and see if you can pull off the wide-leg pants look!

For our self-confessed curvy / voluptuous ladies, wide-leg pants are a great way to cover-up.  For those who are slender, wide-leg pants give the appearance of curves.  Actually, no matter what your size, this trend makes all Fashionistas feel relaxed yet graceful!

Try out some of these Styling tricks, these looks assist the transition of the seasons and suit all body types and most occasions.


1. With Classic Fitted Button Up Blouse

Wide-leg pants with fitted button-up blouse is a classic duo.  Try with a stripe blouse or solid colours, this look gives a certain element of power yet feminine and ready for any challenge.  Try some delightful colours to keep this look popping like a black wide-leg pair of pants and a pastel blouse or a jewel toned wide-leg and a neutral blouse.


2. With a Belt

Wide-leg pants could use a little shape.  That being said, it’s in your best interest to grab a belt to add some form and build upon stylish accessories. Cinching at the waist, whether a slim or a thick belt, will pull the ensemble together.  Try some colour or texture with the belt, be creative and interesting.


Are you ready to ditch the skinnies?

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3. Off-the-Shoulder Ruffles

Probably one of my favourite looks.  This can be your go-to-outfit that will turn heads.  Off-the-shoulder ruffles give your shoulders all the attention and paired with wide-leg pants, your look will transform into something a bit more delicate.  These two pieces together are classic pairings done by glamorous 50s movie stars.


4. With High Heels

For a little extra lift in the leg, a high heel paired with wide-leg pants is a stunning duo.  Although the leg of the pants will cover the high heel most of the time, it’s in the movement when the high heel peeks out from below to reveal a true fashionista.  Also try a strappy sandal and chunky heel for play time and slow the look down for work with a classic closed pump.


5. With Sleeveless Turtleneck

The turtleneck is really trendy right now, more so a sleeveless version & ribbed.  Great for in-between seasons.  Worn with wide-leg pants brings back the charm of the 50s actresses.  Neutral colours are great for day time and perhaps dress up with more vibrant colours for night.


Wide-leg pants will certainly offer you a nice break from skinny jeans, cut-off jeans and skirts going into spring, also in linen a fab and light alternative cover up for summer.

It’s always nice to freshen up your wardrobe with a new style… this can equal a near new, You!

Don’t be shy to drop me a line with any feedback or questions.

Until next week.

Yours in Style,


Johanna-May xx