Behind the scenes of my created pieces

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Behind the scenes of my newly created pieces.

I might be a little crazy and I really didn’t have the time but I decided to give it a shot.

This summer I decided to have a few unique pieces made to add to my business, to add to my Studio and to my online shop because as a lot of you will know I don’t like wearing the same as everybody else and I like to have a little something different to offer my clients.  Plus what fun… I decided it was time to create for myself.

You see all my existing brands are either brands I import myself and most of them I am the only person that sells them in New Zealand and brands like Claire bloom I am the only stockist in Auckland.  Unique all the way!

So, I decided to create some fun, feminine, beach wear, after beach wear, to the BBQ wear or something nice to laze around in over summer.  One style, different patterns, affordable and 2 sizes.

I reached out to my friend’s daughter Laura, who lives in Bali.  I have visited Bali many times and pored over the beautiful fabrics plus with Laura living there now and being a Designer herself I knew she would be the perfect person to direct me.

Meet my gorgeous Team and here’s the Story…

Everything is made in The Studio ‘Tere Boutique’. Ibu Ketut (bottom left) – is the owner and The Studio is part of her home.

Putu Rini (top right) comes into work on various days. So it is a team of two women only. Ketut does the pattern making and cutting. And Putu Rini does the sewing.
If one of them is away, we have to be very patient, haha!
Laura, does all the co-ordinating and is pregnant, they only have a scooter to get around so she isn’t doing many trips out.  I order my fabrics via WhatsApp and she too orders the fabric via WhatsApp from a shop which has a wide selection of fabrics, it can be mind boggling at times and a process I have to walk away from and come back to so I don’t go cross-eyed.
Laura lets them know the type of fabric we want and then the shop sends photos of all the patterns via WhatsApp, Laura then relays it back to me. Once I have made a selection, the fabric goes to the dye man to wash the fabric, (this is so no shrinkage in the wash later for customers). Then he sends the fabric to Ketut and Putu Rini to work their magic on my order…
Ketut and Putu Rini are contractors, international people go to them for work.  They are very appreciative of the work as COVID was very hard for them.  Laura has been amazing at sending them regular income along the way.
Breaking it all down the process is :  Design / buy and wash / maybe dye the fabric / Studio to create / ship.
What I always pinch myself with is how this process can run so well and so smoothly from afar.  BUT then I have Laura!  🙂
So, here I am sharing with you this little journey I have been on and I’ve loved it.  So far I have created small numbers of which I will order more as needed.  Oh, and I forgot to mention the little silk scarves.  I will introduce those another time.
I have called these new items ‘Summer flounce coverups’, they are designed to be worn as a summer dress over swimwear, or on their own, you will see I wear my skort and tuck some in or all of it can be tucked in if you choose.  They are each named after the team that worked on them in some way and two are named after Laura’s sisters.
You can see the full range here, and, if you love them I would love you to share this story with your friends.



Johanna-May xx