By Lillia

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Narangi by LilliaTropicana by LilliaWhite Lotus by Lillia

By Lillia, the Lillia label is inspired by the lotus flower symbolising purity, beauty and strength.

These Lillia creations were inspired by the desire to create some feminine colourful summery resort style wear to enjoy dressed up or dressed down so that we feel feminine and comfortable at the same time.

Personally I love wearing mine barefoot as well as with a flat sandal.   I sometimes love wearing it longer so it drapes slightly on the ground and this means the neckline sits lower.

These of course look stunning with a heel for day wear or evening wear.


Black Orchid by Lillia


And.. these dresses don’t just drape beautifully front view, they drape beautifully and femininely from the back.


Neon Leopard by LilliaWhite Lotus by LilliaBlue Marble by Lillia


Made in New Zealand, and, only while stocks of fabric last.  This could be your chance to get something very unique.

Only stockist, made and produced with LOVE. <3

Do keep your eyes peeled as patterns may change.  Click here for a full viewing on my web page.


Johanna-May x