Can I incorporate sequins into my day wear?

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Can I incorporate sequins into my day wear you ask?  Why, YES!

I just love all the sequins that are around… such fun.  They can simply make the plainest garment luxe.

Some ladies ask : Can I wear sequins to work?  My answer : Just make sure you’re abiding by the office dress code plus you feel comfortable and confident, from what I can see sequins or some shimmery embellishment doesn’t make any outfit less modest or flattering, it just adds a dose of fun.   Every job is different so maybe for some particular reason sequins just don’t fit then keep them for off duty wear.  Just make sure in your own rule book there is nothing that says “sequins only for evening wear”

Right now we are in the holiday season – yippee… so, how about dressing with a fancy twist, read on for some ideas that introduce the glimmer in a subtle sort of way.

Let your sequined boots stand out with a classic monochrome outfit (if you’re having a cooler summer day a sequin boot is fab).


By Claire bloom and available through me.  This stunning Glitterazi in white chiffon with gold sequins makes heads turn, worn with a plain white skirt or white trousers is all you need.

Can I incorporate sequins into my day wear?

If you’re a daytime sequin newbie, start with an eye-catching clutch.

Can I incorporate sequins into my day wear?

Or go the earring route, and just rock some fancy sequinned jewellery instead of working the fabrication onto your clothes.


Can I incorporate sequins into my day wear?



Try a sequin blazer embellished with a gathering of sequins, and wear it often.  This can be muted with all-black and can be put with multiple work outfits.


Can I incorporate sequins into my day wear?


This has to be a favourite look, sequins worn with black and white which mutes the ‘bang’ of the sequins.  Classic with a twist and full of personality and style.


Being the start of a New Year I thought it was a super idea to start with something standout, feminine and sparkly so ‘sequin chat’ it is.

If I can help… drop me a line, it’s a new year, perhaps it could be time for a new style… I’d love to help.

Happy 2018 & I look forward to sharing my style journey with you in the year to come.

Johanna-May xx