Classic basic or Classic costume – how in tune are you?

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Classic basic Classic costume - how in tune are you?

A versatile wardrobe has a foundation of garments that are classic basics.

Judith Rasband coined the terms ‘classic basic’ and ‘classic costume’.

A classic is a simple shaped garment that has stood the test of time and suits most shapes.

A basic garment is one that you can base many outfits on and will be wearable for many occasions.

However, while most basic garments are classic but not all basic garments are classics.

If a classic garment has too many lines, shapes, details, or decoration is a classic costume rather than a classic basic and is likely not to be as versatile nor as useful over the long term.

How in-tune are you with your wardrobe and style?  Identifying your own Personal Style is important.

Would you like to waste less, wear more, receive compliments, and feel good every time you walk out your door, confident in the knowledge you look great?


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