Colour blocking – is there a trick?

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Colour blocking is wearing solid-coloured garments in such a way that the colours are the main feature of your look. Let’s learn the trick of Colour Blocking.

The way you combine the colours is the key to your look.

There are 3 ways to approach this type of dressing:

❶ Wearing one block of colour. This may be the same colour or shades/tints or tones of the one colour. Also known as monochromatic.

❷ Wearing different colour separates.

❸ Wearing a garment that has been designed with blocks of colours within it.

In every situation the key to creating a head-turning, flattering look is to ensure:

❶ The colours are those that work best for your personal colouring.

❷ The contrast between the colours harmonies with your personal contrast. Too high/strong and the outfit will wear you. Too low/dull and the outfit will be uninspiring and dull your overall look.

When looking for colours to combine you are best to:

➡️ Know the colours that suit you best.

➡️ Know which colour contrasts suit you best.

If this is your first time and you’re a little tentative try creating an outfit of 2 or 3 colours where at least one is a neutral colour.

One last thing, remain mindful of the time and place you wear these. What you wear should always be passed through the filter of appropriateness and your desired image.

Colour is the first thing people notice.

If you are intimidated by colour and want to brighten your world I’d love to assist you.

I offer in-person and virtual colour analysis.

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