Colour combos you need to try for winter

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Colour combos you need to try for winter…  winter is a fab time to try colour combinations because you can layer meaning you can develop some awesome colour combos.

I’m not talking your normal black and white, I am talking pushing out the boat with two totally different colours.  I also don’t mean too many colours at one time.

Try these gorgeous combinations;

Pastels : Beige and baby blue.  This combo screams delicate elegance.  It’s a soft and pure mix yet sensual.  It’s also a combination perfect for daywear or night-out combo. Added here is cognac brown – gorgeous!



Colour combos you need to try for winter


Red and blue :  Gorgeous in options of red and navy blue or red and pale blue.

Colour combos you need to try for winter


Brown and yellow or brown and gold : This is a ‘cozy’ combo.  Let the brown dominate the look and bring the warmth of the yellow into your outfit.  Match this with yellow/gold earrings as well.



Are these combinations that you would try, I would love your feedback?   Please take note, besides a shoe or a handbag there is no black – quite refreshing!

Feel free to share your own colour combinations with me, I would love to see.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx

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