Colour Coordination

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Some facts about Coordination with Colour

It’s not only the style, line and design of your outfit that impacts your apparent shape – colour has a big part to play as well.

  1. Dark colours diminish size.
  2. Medium colours have little impact.
  3. Light and bright colours enlarge.
  4. Strong colour contrast between garments or the skin will draw attention to the area.
  5. Wearing a single colour or monochromatic colour scheme can make you appear taller especially when you add an eye catching accessory high on your body.
  6. Generally speaking, warm colours are friendlier than cool colours and cool colours are more professional than warm colours.

Why would you get the best advice possible from an Image Consultant?

Image consultants FOCUS ON YOU and take from fashion only the styles that:

  •  flatter your body,
  •  express your personality,
  •  work towards achieving your life and business goals
  •  be practical with your lifestyle
  •  work within your budget.

If you would like to discover your best colours, a colour analysis is all it takes.

Consultations can be in-person or virtual.

Message me to start a no-obligation chat about what a colour analysis involves.

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