Do You Have Wardrobe Overwhelm?

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Nat's audited wardrobeDoes this suit me ?
Is this colour right for me ?
Is this the right style for me ?
I’ve got a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear !
I like this but I just don’t feel right in it ?
What do I wear with this ?

These are all questions and statements that are heading to feeling overwhelmed with your wardrobe. Statistics say that we wear 20% of our Wardrobe. This to me means ;
A waste of money
A waste of time
Adds confusion
And it’s cluttering up space !

For the months of March and April I am offering a free half hour Wardrobe Audit when a standard Wardrobe Audit is booked. So, for $200 you receive 2.15hrs of Wardrobe Auditing. This is based on central Auckland.

My job is to find new outfits within your existing wardrobe, find what works for you or doesn’t work for you, and later write a list of what I would recommend for you to have for a functional wardrobe.

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