Does size really matter?

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Does size really matter?

Size is such a contentious and emotionally charged subject.  Does size really matter?

For many women the number on a label is the make-or-break aspect of a garment.

Today, let me once and for all dispel the myth of size for you.

The fact is few labels are accurate in terms of the average female size, which by the way often differs from country to country. Instead, they are more often a result of vanity sizing (decreasing the size to make the item more attractive) and/or the fact that different designers cut for different body types. Because of this size tags should be all but ignored.

The thing that matters most is the FIT of the garment and the ease you find most pleasing i.e., how close to the body you like your clothes.

So, for everything except lingerie (the one type of garment that is usually true to size), use the size label as merely a starting place. The garment that best fits and/or pleases you most will be as many as 3 sizes larger or smaller.

And one last thing…there is no such thing as one size fits all.

Image consultants FOCUS ON YOU and take from fashion only the styles that:

  •  flatter your body,
  •  express your personality,
  •  work towards achieving your life and business goals,
  •  be practical with your lifestyle
  •  work within your budget.

What you wear should support and enhance YOU. From your shape and age, to how you want the world to see you.

Clothes should be used and seen as the tools you have at your disposal to lift your mood, make you feel attractive and confident, and to attract others to you no matter what the situation.

If you would like assistance to find the styles, clothes, and outfits that work best for you I offer personal in-person and virtual style and colour consultations.

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Yours in style,

Johanna-May xx