Do you Dress by the Stars?

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Do you dress by the Stars?

Do you dress by the Stars?

Who would have thought that maybe we dress according to the Zodiac?    Or maybe it’s just pure fluke that what we wear actually matches what others with the same star sign wear.  It’s an interesting thought and one I guess can make some sense, because when I think of people with birthdays under the same Star Sign they often do have similar personalities so maybe they dress accordingly.  I know that being a Libran I have similar traits to that of a typical Libran!

We are now in the Zodiac of Aquarius so read on to see what an Aquarian is perceived to wear;

The Aquarius is eccentric and unconventional, Aquarians like vivid colours and interesting patterns and cuts.  They have an individual sense of style and express their personality through their clothing.  Aquarian certainly like to have fun and experiment.  Your fashion is a reflection for your up-to-anything nature so let your freak flag fly and not only in your outfit but a dramatic pair of shoes or outrageous piece of jewellery!

Favourite colours are electric blues, violet and turquoise, bright colours too like red.

Style Icons for the Aquarian is Heather Graham or Emma Roberts.

From a Personal Stylists point of view dressing for your personality is very important, before I shop with them or help choose outfits from their wardrobes I get to know their style personality first.  If you want to know more or are a little intrigued, feel free to drop me a message.

Happy birthday Aquarians.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx