Dressing by the Zodiac, how does a Capricorn shape your Style?

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Dressing by the Zodiac, how does a Capricorn shape your Style?


Dressing by the Zodiac, how does a Capricorn shape your Style?

This is the Christmas / New Year Star sign so in my mind the closing of a year and new beginnings and from a busy social/dress up time of year to a quieter/relaxed time of year (for us in New Zealand anyway) so maybe it’s somewhat mixed when it comes to what you Capricorns wear?

The personality of a Capricorn is effortless, subtle and conservative.  Capricorns opt for understated elegance. They are professionally driven and and always appropriately attired for every event. Simple but Sophisticated are the words that resonate with a Capricorn.

Your Style ; You love to get dressed up, but if it isn’t easy you won’t wear it.  You gravitate toward classics with a twist.  Just to reiterate : Simple but Sophisticated!

Your Style Match / Style Icon ; Kate Middleton, Dianne Von Fürstenberg, Ellen DeGeneres.  All of these ladies 100% depicts the outline of the personality above and as an extra bonus in my mind all three look extremely wonderful for their age and all 3 are successful women.

Get the Look ; Invest in classic pieces – skinny jeans/boots, and button-downs – but don’t be afraid to step up your look with styling tricks.  Belt a scarf over your favourite dress or try colour blocking from head to toe.  Don’t be afraid to experiment, because with your style sensibility, it will never feel over-the-top.

Capricorns have a serious, grounded, methodical approach which motivates you towards disciplined and ambitious achievement in the world.  It helps to focus your personality in the material world.  Goals, the ability to process and authority are your allies.  Capricorn feels comfortable when in control!  Often that translates into conservative clothing, but you are very individual in the way you mix and match.  You look for quality and can pick up bargain couture at a fraction of the cost.  Business orientated, it is important to dress like a professional in your chosen field.

If nothing else Capricorn ladies, I hope this affirms why you dress as you do and why your wardrobe has what it has in it.  You can now say – “That’s because I’m a Capricorn”.

I’d love to hear whether this resonates with you, your personality and what you like to wear.

Go you Simple and Sophisticated stylish ladies !

Until my next Blog.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx