Dressing by the Zodiac – how does being a Leo shape your Wardrobe?

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Dressing by the Zodiac - how does being a Leo shape your Wardrobe?


Dressing by the Zodiac, how does being a Leo shape your Wardrobe?

Do you think we could possibly dress by our Star Sign?

Being a Leo, you are confident, ambitious and outgoing.  You have a flamboyant style and love clothing that stands out such as statement jewellery, loud prints and colours like red, purple and gold.

You are creative, proud and playful which energises into an outward focus i.e. Fashion.  Self-esteem and leadership are your allies.  You need to command attention !   You aim for a dramatic flair in presenting yourself to the world.  Feeling good in your own skin requires feeling good about how you look.  You like to dress for the occasion and you don’t mind wearing a brand name to convey how successful you are.

Your Style ; You are exuberant, colourful and certainly up for a challenge.  You are the most confident when you’re putting it all out there – especially style-wise!

Your Street Style Match/Style Icon ; Madonna (doesn’t this make sense),  Anna Dello Russo (Editor of Vogue Japan)  is also bold, bright and fearless and, our very own Anna Paquin.

Get the Look ; Don’t be afraid to put it all out there, you have the personality to “just do it”.  Go for statement-making accessories, wild patterns, and extra-short hemlines.  Your outfit should speak for you as soon as you walk into a room.  You can rock sexy dresses like it’s nobody’s business, so keep your style loud and proud like everybody is watching.

This is certainly a very unique fashion personality, one most of us would aspire to having – dressing just as you choose and as loud as possible and not care what anybody thinks.  Being a Personal Stylist I love watching people that dress like this because it’s pretty much every Style personality wrapped into one, they have no hang ups with age or figure they just “do it”.

If you are a Leo, I would truly love to hear what you think of this… and remember it’s all in the name of FUN!

My next blog will be a couple of weeks away as we are off on holiday.  Until then…  “Fashion is about something that comes from within you” – Ralph Lauren.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx