Eleven Commandments of Personal Style

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Eleven Commandments of Personal Style

Eleven Commandments of Personal Style – take these with you every time you SHOP!

  1. For most women, the bottom half is the hardest to fit.  When you find pants or jeans that make you look fabulous, invest in a few pairs in different colours of the same cut.
  2. Never buy anything because of the name on the label.
  3. It’s better to get out of a trend early than get into one late.
  4. The shape of your clothes should mirror your body shape.
  5. The power base of any wardrobe is versatility
  6. A successful wardrobe is one that suits your shape, reflects your personality, is in sync with your lifestyle and supports your goals
  7. Accessories can set a mood, display personality, and raise or lower the level of an outfit. They are so important they deserve 30% of your wardrobe budget.
  8. Wear colours that suit your colouring and work for the occasion.
  9. Be true to yourself – Wear things that feel like YOU.
  10. Dress appropriately – for the occasion, those present at the occasion, your shape etc,
  11. The more shape a garment has the dressier it appears.

What do you need to accomplish great style?

Not money that’s for sure!

All you need is a right attitude.

And maybe someone to give you a little guidance.

This is where I can help.

If you would like some help sorting out your style, I would love to assist you.

From what to buy to how to dress, what colours to purchase to how to coordinate them right through to wardrobe organization, personal shopping, and professional image.  I offer a full range of services for women of all ages, lifestyles, and occupations.

In-person and virtual consultations available.

PM me, comment below, or book a time to chat through my calendar link.

You can also take a browse through my services and let me know if you have any questions.

Keeping you in Style,

Johanna-May x