Explore Everywhere – great buys are often found in unexpected places

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Explore Everywhere

Explore Everywhere – great buys are often found in unexpected places.

When looking for new clothes be open-minded, great styles can sometimes be found in unexpected places.

Don’t limit yourself by assumptions that:
🛍️ a particular store or label may not be right for you.  (Make sure you are up to date with what the store has in stock).
🛍️ only new garments are worth purchasing.  (Some people sell brand new items because they don’t wear them and, you can pick up some amazing pre-loved items).
🛍️ online shopping is too risky.   (Please arm yourself with what suits you and know your best suited colours).

Stretch your boundaries and walk into that trendy young OR more mature person’s store, investigate online shopping and visit preloved boutiques.
You’ll be surprised and rewarded if you do.

This is a great time to have a wardrobe refresh and a shop. You may check out my Styling packages and services here. Or make a time to chat through the best suited in-person or virtual style service for you.

Wishing you joy in your Style.

Johanna-May xx