How about mixing up your Style?

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Mixing it

Once upon a time we would never have thought about mixing styles, colours and patterns… so… How about mixing up Your Style?


Today we are deliberately mixing things up so that we don’t look so perfect, or, so that we don’t look so perfectly put together!  Don’t worry about matching your handbag with your shoes, don’t worry if you’re mixing leather with lace, or pink and red together.  Just about everything and anything goes!


One of the biggest comments I hear from clients when I take them shopping is “Oh, I would never have thought of putting that together”!  This is where a Personal Stylists’ skill comes into play.


It may feel overwhelming for some and give you wobbly wheels but it doesn’t have to.  It’s a great way of breathing new life into a dreary wardrobe or instead of throwing things away check out whether or not you can wear it another way. So, how do we do this when it doesn’t come naturally to us?

Do you know the saying “opposites attract” well, so too does that work in fashion… so, quite simply try adding in the garments’ opposite;

Look at what’s popular now which we wouldn’t have done once upon a time i.e.

  1. Wearing birkenstocks with a knee length skirt
  2. Wearing a boxy top paired with a wide leg trouser, and now both of these look great.

Try some of these mixes ;

  • Mixing fashion personalities i.e. boho with tailored, vintage with modern
  • Add a denim jacket to a classic skirt or pants
  • Try faux fur with jeans and leather
  • Decorate chiffon with metal chains
  • Florals with florals, patterns with patterns, checks and stripes
  • Go for a trendy piece with a traditional garment
  • You can even clash colours together
  • Mix textures i.e. sheer with dense, wool and lace, silk with leather

Mixing it up will certainly give you unique outfits.  If you’re uncertain if it looks good, before you leave home do the Blink Test.  Stand in front of the mirror close your eyes for 30 seconds, open and if you like it with fresh eyes give it a shot!


Help is at hand and mixing and matching as a Personal Stylist is one of my passions.


Yours in Style,



Johanna-May xx